Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Woodpecker sighting and container gardening

Good morning from "Woody" woodpecker. He got my attention by making all this racket. At first I thought there was a cat approaching and it was some sort of warning call, but then I saw him - him and a few cardinals by my neighbor's bird feeding station.

It's raining, thundering and lighting today and it's very dark. It seems like 6 am. Gizzy's normally very afraid of the thunder and lighting, but since his hearing isn't as keen as it used to be and I'm with him, he can pretty much sleep through it without too much drama, unless it's crashing down furiously right above us, now that makes him very afraid. Also, he's getting more insecure and has taken to barking when he's left alone - which is very seldom. He normally never barked, but I suppose he's getting on in years and he's reverting back into his puppyhood - sort of like some old people turning back into little children again.

So here are a few pictures of the birds and then I'd best shut down this computer - just in case - and visit you all a little later:

This is the view out of my back door. Directly across from me is the clubhouse/screened in porch section of the office and to my left is my neighbor's bird feeding station. If it weren't for the two noisy compressors right below my dining room window, it would be a lot more peaceful and enjoyable. I try to block out the noise, but it's not always working.  Now that my big tree is gone out front, I will rely more on these trees and shrubs in the back for my "greenery" fix and consolation.
Since it's a bit dark and raining outside, the pictures don't look as sharp as they could have.
If this tornado watch (rain, lighting and thunder) keeps up, I may take Gizzy with me tomorrow, because I'm only spending one night in the hotel and then take Betty to the hospital where they will keep her busy running around doing her pre-op procedures. She said she really won't need me to be with her for that. Her family will join her the following day when she is having her back surgery and the mandatory 3 or 4 day stay afterwards.

In between the rain, I managed to plant some strawberries in an oblong container out front - just hoping the cats don't think it's a litterbox (yikes!) and I replanted a star jasmine out back into a bigger pot. I stuck one of those round tomato supporters in there so the vine has something to climb on for now until it gets bigger.  I sewed some catnip for Middi. It may not grow because the seeds are a couple of years old, but one just never knows. Now I'm out of potting soil and when I buy more, I have more seeds and more containers to use up.


mommaof3 said...

aww we have one of those too but cant never to get a pic of it

Debbie said...

Nice pictures the close up of the woodpecker. I hope you don't have any tornadoes!

♥ Kathy said...

I love the woodpecker picture! It's great! It finally quit raining here. It felt like days but it was only one day lol

Keri said...

Well, I think your backyard "view" is beautiful. Probably a lot more interesting activity than in the front anyway. :) Great job, getting such a good close-up of the Woodpecker.

Annie said...

I love woodpeckers! Lovely yard.
Stay dry. Kisses to all the critters. xoxo

The Beneficial Bee said...

It's my computer night and I always love reading through your posts from the week! Nice shot of the woodpecker. I hoe you didn't end up losing power in the storm!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doris. Love the woodpecker picture. You have the same weather we do since we are almost in the same geo location. It rained all day Sunday and this a.m. it is still raining. A good day for resting up from all the partying this weekend.

Samantha G said...

That sounds a lot like my childhood kitty who lived to the ripe old age of 18- she is the one who looks JUST like your Middi! She lost her hearing and became such a happy cat. She was always a happy cat, but of course would run and hide if my family was having work done on their house or anything. Once her hearing was gone she just laid around comfortably anywhere and everywhere :) She did the same though, would start to cry and meow a lot if she couldn't find anyone. It was just a temporary thing though- maybe Gizzy will grow out of it too!