Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Splish Splash

This morning I took Gizzy to Splish Splash Pet Styling, Gizzy's first grooming and he's 14 1/2 years old. Laini, the groomer, said he did really well for his first time. I was there watching the whole thing; only, he did growl at her a couple of times (sorry Laini!), but she just kept on smiling and talking to him and nobody got hurt. You can tell she really knows her dogs. She used to be a trainer/handler and is a very kind and sweet person.



In between:

Laini and Gizzy before

He's trying to be difficult with her, but she won't let him!

He wasn't happy with the clippers near his neck and ears

Lani did two clippings because Peke's have a thick undercoat. One before the bath and one after the bath to trim him up nicely! I asked for the puppy cut since it's so hot right now.

She talked to him and in this photo you can tell they really connected!

Bath time! Mommy, help me!

That wasn't so bad, Gizzy, was it?

Hang on, Gizzy - that's a powerful blow dryer!

Thank you Laini, from Splish Splash Pet Styling, for a most wonderful experience and making my boy feel so comfortable. We'll be back!

On the way home we stopped at Banks Lake Outpost to let Gizzy prance and show off his new hair cut. I can't believe he's got legs!

Back at home a few photos on the La-Z-Boy:

That's enough for one morning, Ma, I'm tired!


Extra bonus:

I got a big pile of Gizzy fur for spinning into yarn. I just have to find a kind Rumpelstiltskin to spin this for me. (with pay, of course!) Any takers?

I want to crochet a couple of Christmas balls out of Gizzy-yarn for my Christmas tree this year!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Experiment in Sunflowers

So I found this link to Edible Flowers on someone's blog and I decided to try eating a sunflower bud since edible flowers are the new rage in haute cuisine - and I'm brave (or stupid!)

As I have so many sunflowers this year, and many with several buds on them, I've decided to try this:

Sunflower (Helianthus annus) - The flower is best eaten in the bud stage when it tastes similar to artichokes. Once the flower opens, the petals may be used like chrysanthemums, the flavor is distinctly bittersweet. The unopened flower buds can also be steamed like artichokes.

Here we go. I go outside to my biggest and tallest sunflower, the one with the most buds and cut two from the top.

Now I have two nice sized buds (about 2" in diameter) to experiment with:

Off to the kitchen we go. I pull out my trusty little steamer and steam them like I would artichokes (after I rinsed them off really well. I do not use pesticides, so there was no problem with that.)

I left on some leaves and stems just in case I wanted to try them too. 

As the buds began to cook, it started to smell really good, indeed like artichokes, a nice buttery-earthy aroma. My taste buds were anticipating something tasty! Not sure how long I steamed them, but I'd say about 7 minutes, but they seemed tender when poked with a knife. I dished them out onto a plate:

I'm cutting the first one in quarters and lift the fork to my mouth:

It kind of looked and smelled like an artichoke

and it tasted....TERRIBLE!

(Pfui-spit-spit!) What was I thinking? It tasted bitter and green, like I'd imagine green bugs would taste like. So, I removed the outer leaves thinking the inside would be better, but not so, very bitter - nothing sweet about it at all. Yuk! 

I think I'll stick with sunflower seeds and sprouts! 

If there's anyone out there having had a pleasant experience with sunflower buds, let me know. Maybe I did something wrong or used the wrong variety, but I won't be trying this again!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

By the lake with dogs, ducks and a goose

This morning I took Gizzy for a walk/stroll/ride around our little Lake Irma where we were greeted (as usual) by the ducks who wanted to be fed.

"Here comes the first one Ma!"

 Devouring his pellets and ignoring Gizzy's barking!

"There are three more, Ma!"

...almost there...

"Run, Forrest, R - U - N !!!"

...and they're eating while Gizzy barks!

(I like this photo of our young Canada goose - I got him/her in mid stride)

There are a total of five ducks and one young Canada goose by the lake and when ever I go down there, they come a running or flying to get their food. I give them a few pellets of dry cat food because I read that it would be ok to give them now and again (they love it!), but NEVER dog food. Bread isn't so good either because it's void of nutrition and fills them up so they won't forage for their nutritious food that they need. The next time I'm in town I'll see if I can find some reasonably priced duck and goose feed. My friend Sandi, who also walks her dogs around here, usually has some cracked corn for them too, but they seem to prefer the cat food.

Speaking of Sandi, here she is with her two dogs Sadie and Tuffy, Gizzy's friends. Tuffy is a year older than Gizzy (almost 15), which is why Sandi got a baby buggy to push him around for when he gets tired.

The three Musketeers with Gizzy (L) trying to be the boss!

On the other side of the lake, we sat on a picnic table (see Tuffy in the back ground in his buggy?) Sandi cracks me up. She always talks with her hands. She's a whole foot taller than me. I'm 5'2 and she's 6'2, so her hands are pretty large. Here she's telling Sadie to look at the camera and all Sadie does is look at her hands LOL

Here's Tuffy (or the Tuffinator, as Sandi calls him) resting his head and snoozing while we visit!

My sweet boy, getting some loving from his mama, while she's keeping the gnats out of his eyes.


Cattails always remind me of our pond in Germany when I was growing up. I should write a book and call it "On Cattail Pond" instead of "Golden Pond."

I love the sparkling water in the back ground - reminds me of little diamond chips or dancing faeries!

I love this view with the shadows of the morning light filtering through the trees.

As we make our way back home, I pass a squirrel sitting on a pretty, green lawn...

This was a nice walk - happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gator Sighting as reported by Gizzy!

So mom took me to Bank's Lake Outpost yesterday morning because we missed our early morning walk due to the rain.

I love visiting with my auntie Sandy - she always has treats for me - yummmy!

Then suddenly, when I was minding my own business (really, I was!) a green thing appeared on the floor!

My goodness, what is this?

Stop! You mustn't go any further!

Just call me the Gator Whisperer! I think I scared him stiff.

On the way home, mommy drove through Hardees to buy me a plain kiddie hamburger for lunch and after that, I was tuckered out!

(Excuse me while I catch a few Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs)