Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy almost Halloween!

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I was just goofing around on JibJab and I used photos of me, my friends Sandi and Terri and of course, Gizzy and Weezie! I think it's funny! Get your candy ready!

p.s. in case you don't recognize me, I'm Count Dracula LOL

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spay/Neuter Clinic tomorrow

Yes, it's time again for our monthly spay/neuter clinic. I got a better trap delivered today and within a couple of hours of putting the trap out there, I found two cats inside this time. That makes up for the time when I didn't capture any.

These two are not happy, but are at least not screaming like the orange one last month,  maybe because they are trapped together - father (right) and son.

We call him Daddy Leggs because he's a rough and tough Tom Cat who is responsible for all the kittens around here. The young black one trapped with him is his son (or daughter) and I call him Blackie.

Papa Leggs, the guardian of his flock.

I call him/her Blackie - I really like this kittie cat. He's a little monkey, always wrapping his tail around things.

And now, off into the shower with Weezie. She's got yeast on her skin and I have to bathe her with this special shampoo every other day for three weeks, plus she gets a pill every day for three weeks, and after that she needs to be bathed with this shampoo at least once a week to control the yeast problem, which is a side effect of allergies. Never a dull moment!

Gizzy is trying...

Yesterday was another beautiful day by the lake, so we stopped and lingered a while before going back home. I sat on a bench with Weezie on my left and Gizzy on my right and we watched the ducks and Canada Goose.

When I got up, there was this empty space on the bench, so guess who walked over to whom?

Gizzy waddling over to see Weezie

Your feet smell funny

Are you gonna live with us forever?

I guess it's ok if you do!

Yep, it was a beautiful day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn Way Down South

When I was walking back home from our daily morning walk, I took this photo with my little Fujifilm Finepix. It's a little shed that is not a red barn and the tree's leaves matched perfectly!

I added a border to match in Picnik and tonight, a FB friend edited my photo in Photoshop and this is what it looks like...very vibrant!

I think it's beautiful, but not the true color - but she reminded me that nobody needs to know - just like dying your hair, it's nobody's business but your own! Enjoy!

Quick update on Gizzy and Weezie: We are still experiencing some growing pains, had another fight that I broke up (even though people say I should not) ... but all in all, it's going ok, considering my Gizzy was an only child for all these years. He's doing well and I'm proud of him for not being worse! Weezie's a sweetheart and enjoys walking, chasing squirrels and kitty cats and riding in the car with the windows down!

Below are some random photos:

From left to right: Tuffy and Sophie (our walking buddies) Weezie and Gizzy

Babushka Weezie

For comparison: Babushka Gizzy (taken about 8 months ago)

Weezie standing in the front and her friends behind: Sophie (looking sideways) and Tuffinator and Gizzy sitting down on the pine straw!

Gizzy and Tuffy (my friend's dog)

Bye for now...have a wonderful week!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Weezie is home

(Gizzy's giving her the look)

I've been a bad, bad blogger (hangs her head in shame) but in my defense, I have been a very busy doggy mom for the past week...I picked up Weezie in Valdosta because that's where she was delivered to me all the way from Mississippi. She's an adorable girl and so sweet and easy going, except for the itchies. Poor thing was scratching, chewing and gnawing on herself so that I could not get any rest and was so upset because all I could imagine is a huge Vet bill for ongoing skin problems. But with some adjustments (more walks) some Benadryl and Genesis Topical Spray, I am finally able to sleep through the night and things are slowly falling into place. The Vet said she's about 8 years old and in general good health. There's a few things she still needs, but I have to do that slowly in increments and work it in with the rest of my responsibilities to Gizzy and myself.

(At Banks Lake on the way home from picking her up for the first time - she needed to get out after that long ride in the car from Mississippi to Georgia)

The main thing is, that she's safe, at her forever home and Gizzy and her seem to be, well, not really bonding, but tolerating each other. I'm thankful for small favors and the fact that there were just two small fights and some growling, but all in all, considering she just moved in with us last Saturday, things are going ok. Time, patience and love will take care of things.

(Weezie Mae meeting new friends at Lake Irma)

Weezie loves to walk, walk squirrels and eat. She looks bigger than Gizzy because she has longer legs and a longer body, but at the Vet's she weighed only 4 oz more than him. She was 10.6 lbs and he was 10.2 lbs...he's short and stout and she's long and lean!

Weezie LOVES chasing squirrels ....

That's her squirrel she chased up the tree...

Gizzy loves to ride, stroll and torment the duckies, kitties and whatever else is vulnerable to his intimidation tactics. Weezie can hold her own with him. In fact, the last fight they had, she just kind of straddled him with her long legs while he struggled on his back, unable to get up and she just stood there looking, like "what'cha gonna do, big guy?" I had to laugh, only when I picked Gizzy up, his little heart was beating so fast, that I got scared because he does have congestive heart failure and is on heart medication. Tthankfully that only happened once. They just sort of pass each other like two ships in the night and avoid eye contact LOL, but I'm sure that will change in time.

(Weezie and friends at Lake Irma)

I'll post more photos later and I promise to write more often, but I just wanted to thank you for inquiring and asking about us. You are so kind! I'll respond to each and everyone of you real soon!

(Weezie loves her auntie Arlene who is giving her a belly rub - ahhhh)

(Gizzy and Weezie on our morning walk)

Gizzy (l) and Weezie (r) sitting together, but not actually touching.

Between the two of them, they have four dog beds. They take turns sleeping in them all. I think it's their way of learning about one another without actually having to touch!

NOTE to Sandie: I'm on it! I'll send you the tracking number when it goes in the mail tomorrow, but no later than Monday!

Weezie doesn't actually play with toys - that's something Gizzy will have to work on, but she enjoys watching us.

Now I must go for our second walk around the lake...and feeding the kitty cats!  

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Today is the day!

I'm nervous and excited - Gizzy and I will have another family member by tonight - pictures to follow....

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weezie update

Just a quick note to thank you for all your kind comments and let you know, I've not forgotten - just been a bit preoccupied with my life...looks like Weezie's coming home this Saturday!

I'm going to the doctor now and then to the post office, but here are some photos I took of Gizzy earlier...he's so darn cute, I can't stand it:

Talking to his auntie Sandi who gave him that soft, blue blankie to share with his sister Weezie on chilly mornings - it's been nice and cool lately, but it won't last - I've seen the forecast.

Enjoying the sunshine after a good brushing.

Practicing strong-hold preparedness for when he plays tug-o-war with his sister Weezie.

Looking picturesque on his windowsill built for two (courtesy of his uncle Bobby-Jack!)

Major snooz session possibly dreaming of his sister Weezie...

Sister Weezie:

I'm off into the shower and then to the doctor's and errand running...see you'll later! Have a great Monday everyone!