Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hush - baby's sleeping

The weather's been kind of iffy the last few days, typical for this time of year, I suppose. Gizzy's turning out to be the most perfect dog for me as he and I age together. He sleeps a lot now and when I want to go outside, I often have to wake him and then he's ready for action. He's alert and eager to explore. He loves to leisurely walk around the lake and sniff every blade of grass and just sit there and watch. He's 12 years old now and will be 13 on November 1st. Like I said, he sleeps a lot more, but I'm glad for it, thinking a) he won't harass the cat and b) he might live longer.
This is is typical sleeping position:
Do you think he could be any more relaxed? I hear him gently snoring and I will do something quiet, like maybe crochet?

It looks like it might rain, but one just never knows. I will miss this cool breeze, because soon enough the heat will set in and come August, I'm a limp, exhausted dishrag of a person tired of breathing the artifical air and unable to breathe the outside air.

I know that (as soon as I'm able) I should move somewhere cooler, but honestly, I'm so tired of starting over every five to ten years. Moving gets old and very, very tiring (not to mention expensive.) I have a few nice friends here and as I age, those bonds become more important, especially since all my family is long-distance and I have no physical family contact, making Gizzy and Middi my immediate family for hugging and kissing.

Today is Palm Sunday and Easter will be celebrated next week. I will boil some eggs later this week and color them to bring with us for snacks while on our trip to the annual Cherokee Spring Powwow  in Saint George next Saturday. Happy Palm Sunday everyone!


♥ Kathy said...

Happy Palm Sunday dear ♥ Gizzy is so cute sleeping :) I hope he lives a long, long time! I understand how you feel about moving. I grew up an Air Force brat and moved probably 50 times from birth to 17 when I moved away from home. Then my first husband and I moved a lot...probably another 30 times. Tim and I have been married going on 3 years now and we've moved 3 times already and will move again once we get back on our feet. We're hoping that will be the last time. I get tired of moving too!

Anke said...

Gizzy looks very comfy and secure. It took our dog Harley a very long time to let her guard down and lay on her back like that. Gizzy is a cute dog and it sounds like he is very good company for you.

Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

Doris, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving sweet words of encouragement.

Gizzy is adorable, even when he sleeps.


Anke said...

I "left" you a Easter basket over at my place, maybe you would like to participate.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Oh, Gizzy just looks so danged cute!!!