Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Thursday, March 25, 2010


WARNING: Put on your shades - this post is very bright!

I just wanted to show you a few yellow things I crocheted, two of them recently and another a while back, but I'm in a yellow mood. Bright yellow always cheers me up. I need a lift today, because my back's killing me, even when I'm sitting. So, are you ready? Got your shades on? Here's what I made:

I know at least one of my dear friends is going to be wondering ... hmmm....???

And now I'm off to do something ...right after my Motrin kicks in. Top it off, my trusty ole rollator walker broke the other day and the Gizzy and I've not been walking around the lake for a couple days. He's getting anxious and I'm starting to fall apart over here too. Walking keeps me somewhat limber.

But, tomorrow on my way to the hospital for yet another "pre-op" I'm dropping off the rollator to get it repaired. I was told that I'll be getting a loaner. Good! I have to go out there and walk - and so does my boy!

While I'm doing the yellow post, I thought I'd show some of my most favorite yellows:

The Canary on the right looks like he's whispering something in the middle one's ear - who is tilting  his head, and the one on the left looks so clueless and left out - sad!

                                             Isn't that Praying Mantis just too cool?


gin said...

absolutely magnificant!! I love the yellow. that scarf with the hat looks so good!! Hope you get limbered up!!!

Silke said...

Oh, forgot to say: I love your crocheted items! Very pretty!! :) Silke

Silke said...

Oh, wow Doris, I hadn't looked at your last post and am just blown away! That kind of handmade work is so rare to find nowadays, especially with such beautiful detail! And then your post of yellow - a burst of sunshine in my overcast day! Just wonderful and so cheerful!

I've been sitting outside a lot watching the birds. The weather is so perfect here right now and I know it'll change before too long...

Hope you are enjoying spring!! Love, Silke

glor said...

Wonderful hat and scarf ... I LOVE yellow and I love this post.

mommaof3 said...

I love the yellow. that scarf with the hat!!!!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Doris! My gosh, I feel cheered up already! All this bright and cheery yellow! LOVE it! Love your hat and scarf set.. VERY pretty!.. And I got a kick out of the praying mantis at the end of your post! It looks like he wasn't about to be left out, and that he's peeking in, to see if he made it in time! CUTE! ~tina

AZBelle (Sandy) said...

Doris, thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my blog (and for becoming a follower... I love followers!) As for the oven door dress, from what I could tell, it will just fit over the oven door handle, no need for a hanger. There is a ribbon on each side, perhaps that is what holds it there? I will post a couple more pics on my blog so you can see (one is a nice up-close shot). I have not had the time to try to figure out the pattern, and don't know if I could, so please feel free to try it and let me know how it works out! Thank you for the link to that other pattern, I saw that one too as I was searching for patterns! I LOVE your yellow post... that is my fav color, and the hat/scarf are just gorgeous!

Julies knitting corner said...

Lovely work as always Doris, yellow is a colour we don't see enough of. Great work. Julie.C

gin said...

Cute comments you left on my post. Our dog is such a baaaad dog. she is a little house dog, too, like Gizzy. But I don't know why she takes everything she sees. She will even walk around with dollar bills in her mouth! Confession time: When I would walk in the house with the mail, I would give it to her to carry to her "daddy". And I would put a dollar bill in her mouth to carry to the kids. So I deserve her attitude I guess!! She even takes socks and other small items from the dryer if it is left open. Give Gizzy a rub for me for being a good doggie!!

Sarah said...

Wow! That's a lot of beautiful bright yellow! Very cheerful!

Mistea said...

those canaries are playing chinese whispers!

I love all your yellow things.