Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heads Up! First Fridays on Etsy - FREE SHIPPING!

I belong to the AWEteam, which stands for Art Walk Etsy team. On every first friday of each month every member of that team offers a special discount; mine is free shipping on all items tagged with: firstfridayartwalk.  Fifty-two of my 86 items in my shop are tagged with firstfridayartwalk and all have free shipping on Friday, March 5th.

Honey Bee Crochet by SturmDM    (Check out my $10 Beanie Hat Sale!)

To make it even easier for you, here's the link for all my items that will have free shipping on Friday, that's THIS coming Friday, March 5th, because it's the first friday of the month already. I can't believe how quickly time flies.


I don't know about you, but free shipping is a really big incentive for me when ordering online. So, take a look and maybe tell a friend...I will give my friends a referral gift (surprise) or discount and remember that in only two more days, it's the first friday of the month.

I hope you don't mind me telling you, but I don't know if everyone knew about this, since I don't speak about my Etsy shop very often. But, I thought you should know, just in case - something to remember and tuck away for future use, maybe - so, thank you and remember to get out those crochet hooks and yarn so we can crochet something for our Crochet-a-long this month, since March is National Crochet month. I want to collect pictures of all your finished work so I can post it here and have another drawing for a fun gift that I will ship to US and Canada (only, please!) I'm so sorry about not being able to pay for overseas shipping, but I am barely squeaking by and every cent I have goes to catfood or human food - (yes, even big people need to eat.)

My hook's been flying fast and furiously the past week, because I am crocheting more inventory for the upcoming Deer Fest. It's this Saturday, March 6th, and even though I'm not into hunting and such, there will also be food vendors, live music and arts and crafts booths...something for everyone. I hope it won't rain or else I'm not going. Here are a some new items I made recently to add to my inventory. I hope you like it:

If you want to see what my team members are offering for the upcoming First Friday on Etsy, click here and have fun browsing all the lovely items:

Etsy "firstfridayartwalk" team

There's also another opportunity for me to display my crocheted work on Saturday, March 27th, at the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, which is another family gathering that offers food and arts and crafts exhibits. If I have enough for the space rental fee, I would love to go there - maybe even more than the Deer Fest because I really, really love Easter! It's my second favority Holiday!

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♥ Kathy said...

You are so talented Doris ♥ I just love your work! And I got your message about winning!! Yay!!! I think it would make a lovely gift for my mother in law so I'm so happy to be getting it! Have a great day! Love, Kathy