Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

A few degrees cooler in the shade

Yesterday, my friend hung up the last of the three shades that I asked him to pick up for me at Home Depot (since he drives to the city every day.)  Since the shade trees out front were cut down by Apartment Management, my electric bill has increased by over $30. It has not been fun living in the dark with dark sheets covering my windows and the doors closed all the time. Now, with these shades, we can at least look outside somewhat without compromising the electric bill too much ... (hopefully!)

I know it doesn't look that great, but at least it helps block out the afternoon sun that burns down relentlessly till past 7 pm. I ordered three, one for the living room window, the bedroom window and one for over the door. The front door gets soo hot that you could actually cook on it. I burned my forearm on it once before I realized it was metal and not wood (because it looks like wood.)

Also, I have some major rearranging/organizing of my "stuff" (yarn, etc) to do, because we're having another inspection, only this time not from the apartment manager, but from the USDA Rural Development. Even though they are generally interested in structrual conditions, they do pop in randomly so that we all have to be prepared for an official visit on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thankfully, Gizzy is getting his yukkies out today and should be fit by then. As usual, it's my fault, for giving him some chicken from Hardees yesterday, even though I know how chicken affects him - if only the tiniest bit. Poor boy! He's been in the bathtub four times already this morning while the mop is on standby. All I can say: thank God for vinyl flooring!

(I'm a bad mama - when will I ever learn?)

I'm also finishing a potholder for my Potholder Swap that I have entered in my group called Pins and Needles. I won't be able to tell (or show) you till my partner receives it in the mail. I don't want to spoil the surprise for her in case she reads my blog.

So, now back to doing some reorganizing (hiding) and crocheting and hoping the Gizz will sleep it off.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Gizzy - I hope he feels better soon. The shades look good and its important to keep things cool. Wow- $30 more - I believe it. Here in Los Angeles, the Electric company offers shade trees for free to help people cut their bills.

Have a great day.


Linda in New Mexico said...

Poor Gizzy. My baby St.Bernard Willow used to have problems when the kids gave her bites of popcorn. She would have to spend the rest of the day outside and I would have to follow her around the scoop. poor puppies

Sandy said...

I sure hope the shades help... we bought some shadescreens for all of the windows in our house a few years ago and they helped some. Poor Gizzy, hope he is feeling better soon. We have a sick kitty here, so know what you're going through! Stay cool and have a great day.

glor said...

Too bad those trees had to go. And poor little Gizzy, hope he feeling better by now. I'm doing the same thing, organizing my yarn.
Enjoy the rest of the day.

gin said...

Hope Gizzy is feeling better. That's nice that yo can still see out with the shades down. They don't look bad.

Anke said...

Poor Gizzy, hope he'll feel better soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

A lot of people out here have the shades, too. Otherwise, they absolutely cook in the sun.

Poor Gizzy. My lab cannot have chicken. Our vet says chicken is one of the most horrible things to give a dog and can bring on pancreatitis. But he says baked white meat turkey is okay. Mine beg for chicken but after making the lab so ill, we don't give them any.

Julia said...

Oh Poor Gizzy! I hope he is all better by now.

And drat on the trees being cut down and the loss of your valuable shade. Some folks just don't get it at all.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Good Evening Doris!

Sounds like you've had your hands full this weekend. Wow! Yeah, those gosh darn furbabes of ours will eat any durned thing even when it isn't good for them. I bet Giz's tummy feels better now tho that he expelled everything, poor babe. Plus the heat on top of it?
Thank goodness for shades that help us keep our tipi's cooler eh Doris? I keep mine shut up all day long too and open it up after nightfall...I grow weary of sitting in the dark but I'm not going to suffer from the intense heat if I can help it and I'm glad you don't either! I'm lucky my utilities are included in the rents but I do try to save my landlord from outrageous billing.
Well stay cool Sweet Woman and know that I'm thinking of you!
Our water ceremony was wonderful this morning...I took my Grandson with me and we welcomed in the Dawn!
Many Blessings...and lots of love! xoxo

*Ulrike* said...

Oh poor Gizzy! My little yorkies had that same problem a long time ago.
Know what you mean about the shade trees as we had to cut down a couple of trees up by my daughter. Actually two fell down as they were dead from what ever disease hit them. It does make a difference. Maybe you should show them the bill and see if they'll pay you back! HA! Big joke!!
Hope the rest of your and poor Gizzy week goes well.
Liebe grusse,

Sarah said...

I did not know when dogs eat chicken it makes them ill. Jimmy doesn't seem to have a problem with it. Wonder if spicy contributes to the problem?

Several years ago I chose to go throught he summer here without using the AC. It was hot and i did get somewhat used to it. One thing that helped enormously was when I added car windshield shades to the afternoon windows-cut to size.

Samantha G said...

oh no, poor Gizzy!
I think the shades look pretty, I've been looking for some of those kind since I love the natural look.
Keep us posted on how it affects your bill- what a great way to try and cut down on costs (and be more ecofriendly, too)!

The Colorful Bee said...

Hope Gizzy feels better soon. Love the idea about the shades. We have no trees around our house, except one poor little pear tree. Hurricane Katrina took hem all so my hubby doesn't want anymore planted. He's worried about them falling on the house if another big storm comes. So the shade thing would totally work because my hubby keeps the air on 69 so our lightbill went from 140.00 in April to 319.00 this month!! Talk about a heart attack scare!