Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Meet Forrest Gump

I named this duck (the brown one in the front) "Forrest Gump" because no matter where he/she's going she is R-U-N-N-I-N-G!!!!

When they see me coming, they get out of the water, cross the road (if necessary) and start running towards me...well, the white one waddles as a duck should, but the brown one is always running really, really fast. She stretches her body tall and long and sometimes she quaaaaaks while she runs...what a funny duck!

"Where's the bread?" they would say if they could talk...

Here it is...hold your duckies (ahem, horses!)

After they had their breakfast they went back into the water, quite satisfied and proud of themselves for scoring yet another meal from the humans. (Gizzy barked the whole time - obviously, he's not into sharing!)

I set my alarm clock for 6 am every morning to go down to the lake before the sun comes up and to be home by 9 or 9:30 am. If I don't start doing that, summer will become unbearable and I will go stir crazy being inside all the time. (God only knows what will become of Gizzy - he's already sleeping his life away.)

There are several of these pink flowers whose name I don't know. To me they look like some sort of Lily maybe? Actually, if you look at the single stem and those multiple blossoms, don't they look like an Amaryllis? (...and they are in the Lily family)

I saw a little cotton tail bunny hopping across the lawn. It stayed just for a moment before quickly disappearing inside the big Azalea bush.

I always enjoy looking at the Sago palm and the ornamental grass with the stripes that's growing beside it.

I saw this bright, green vine climbing up that tree and I though it looked pretty in the early morning light.

I don't know what these flowers are, but to me they look like some sort of orange Iris...they're almost as tall as a person.

Looky here, Gizzy, who's that? Why, it's our friend, Sandy, walking her two little dogs around the lake too. We stopped only to talk for a little while before moving on, as it was getting hotter very quickly...

Standing on the bridge I watched swarms of little Swallows and dragonflies frantically darting through the air - it must be a good spot for breakfast, right below the bridge. It was interesting to watch these little swallows darting back and forth, bomb diving and shooting straight up - what a marvelous display of aereal feeding! I had to smile when I noticed one of the dragonflies sitting on the electrical wire like the swallows did. I wish I could have captured that on camera.

We stopped only for a few minutes at our customary bench, but had to press on in order to beat the it is, Gizzy didn't want to walk anymore and I ended up pushing him home. Tomorrow morning we're leaving even earlier.

Isn't that right, Gizzy? - Yeah! Good boy!

Oh, yeah, today is June 16th:

Happy Birthday to ME; Happy Birthday to ME; Happy Birthday to Meeeee; Happy Birthday to ME - and many Mooooooore!

I'm celebrating the anniversary of my 58th year on this earth and am spending it counting my blessings - that includes having the good fortune of meeting nice folks like you via the Internet...Thank you, friends! You have enriched my life!


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Doris! Hope it will be a lovely day for you! Nice pix! Getting out early or not at all-me too.

Babydoll1962 Kreativ Ecke said...

You have an Email from Me, just look quick!

Oh , ich kann ja in Deutsch schreiben!
Ich habe Dir eine Email geschickt. Happy Birthday! %( bist du geworden!, Nicht schlecht da komme ich auch noch hin in 9 Jahren.
alles liebe


Kerrie said...

Happy Birthday Doris, you sweetie! Your photos are gorgeous! I have never seen a duck like that brown one, so neat. Enjoy your day. Hugs, Kerrie

Neicee said...

Happy Birthday Doris! I love Forest Gump he is adorable.. So friendly! Your dog is so very precious!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Having seen your name on several other bloggies I visit, this time on Holly's, and seeing that it is your birthday and everyone loves to wish a Happy Birthday, I thought I'd drop by and do so. And right there at the beginning is your darling doggie who looks very much like my childhood dog Teiki. And then I see all your lovely photos and well.....I guess maybe I'll come back and visit. You can do the same for my small corner of the blog galaxy anytime as well.
Happy Birthday to you.
The Olde Bagg, Linda

Samantha G said...

Happy Birthday!!

That pink flower does look like a lily, maybe even a daylily, by looking at the foliage. It's neat. The only ones I see up here are orangey-yellow and yellow. I had some back in Maryland, one was called a Mauna Kea (not sure I spelled that correctly) and the flowers were as big as my hand :)

We just watched Forrest Gump a couple of nights ago. I know you've posted videos once in a while, maybe you should try to get a picture of that duck hauling ass! It sounds funny!

Anonymous said...

First of all Happy Birthday!!!!

That is hilarious about the ducks. They must be related to the squirrels around the building where I use to work - it was in like a campus setting and filled with squirrels who would come running after people looking for food. If you stopped long enough, one might even come and put their feet on your leg almost as if to beg "Nuts please?"

Shippymolkfred said...

Dear Doris
Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog. By the way...the cute animal on the photo is a pine marten.
Greetings from Scotland

gwengoods said...

I just love your pictures Doris, I hope you had a pleasant birthday.

Annie said...

Doris, I missed your birthday. Happy belated birthday just the same, I hope you had a wonderful day. I love those ducks and that bunny and gizzy!

Mistea said...

Hey Happy Day to You - Happy all year through.

Love your pics as always. Gorgeous.

So nice to see you out and about enjoying your surroundings. Gizzy always looks so happy outside.