Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Flight of the Bumble Bees

(click to listen to the song)

Every time I walk past this certain Crepe Myrtle bush in my neighborhood, I see hundreds of bumble other kind of bees or insects, only big ole bumbling* bumblebees!

*to bumble: to bungle or blunder awkwardly; muddle; to stumble or stagger; to speak in a low, stuttering, halting manner; mumble; to do (something) clumsily; botch.

While I was photographing them, I had to duck a few times, because I stood rather closely to the was so much fun watching them work away busily with their full pollen baskets, floating from blossom to white blossom.

Bumble bees do not produce enough honey for commercial use, just a few grams at a time to feed their young. The males do not sting; however, the queens and females (workers) have stingers that are NOT barbed, unlike the honey bee's. You can learn more about bumblebees by clicking on these Bumblebee FAQs.

It appears to be a good year for bees and dragonflies. I see a lot more dragonflies around here and that makes me very happy, since they help keep the mosquito population down.

Looks like there will be plenty of pears in the fall because both pear trees down the road (that did not produce last year) are loaded with little green pears. Nobody really cares for them, but after I peel and core them, quarter and stew them with some brown sugar and cinnamon, they make for a most delectable compote.

The blackberries at the edge of the woods behind my apartment complex are ripening and I'm sure the birds are having a feast. I don't dare drapse around in that underbrush as I'm too afraid of possible snakes in getting scratched up from the brambling bushes.

There are a couple of blueberry bushes growing at the edge of Lake Irma and every time I walk by, I check to see how they're coming along. As you can see, they're not quite ready yet.

I have more to show you, but it'll have to wait till tomorrow, because I've been gone most of the day taking my neighbor (and friend) to the doctor's and then do a little grocery shopping with her since she's still uncomfortable driving as her back is still hurting, but the doc said she's healing well. It just takes a long time to recouperate from back surgery.

Tomorrow morning I'm taking Betty's 88-year old mom to an extensive eye appointment, so I'll be sure and bring my crocheting along. She's the sweetest little old lady, but I pray she doesn't want to go window shopping, because after one of those sessions, my back hurts for two days...and I simply can't say no to her.

So, if I don't get a chance to visit you in the next couple of days, please be patient with me. On Wednesday is my Birthday! I wonder what Gizzy has planned for me?


AZBelle (Sandy) said...

Hi Doris! We have a white crepe myrtle tree just like that one in our front yard.. and yes, it is full of bees! Will have to take a photo so you can see it. Hope you are doing well... I am feeling better every day and am so glad to be back on the computer checking out all of my blogging friends :)
xxx Sandy

Samantha G said...

I loooooove all the bee pictures!! You got some really great ones of them in flight. It's been a while since I was able to go photograph some bees, but there are a couple of botanic gardens in the area I plan to visit before we move, so that should give me a chance to do some shooting.

And with all these blog pictures, your blog layout really works well with them!

glor said...

What beautiful pictures. All those bees ... they're a good thing, as you know. You are such a caring, considerate friend with all you are doing for others. Blessings are sure for you. Have a wonderful, joy filled evening.

♥ Kathy said...

You're pictures are all so pretty and you are just too sweet helping people the way you do ♥

*Ulrike* said...

You captured some great photos of the bees Doris! They were hard at work. I too have noticed more dragonflies (lobelia? I'm not sure how to spell it in German although it was one of the first words my mom taught my daughter!)here, and they are so welcome since with all of this rain we have too many mosquitoes!! By the way are you close to Sparks or Valdosta?
It is so sweet of you to take these ladies around. I know it can be hard sometimes, but it is a sweet thing to do!
Hope you have a lovely day!!
Take Care!

Barbara said...

Hi Doris and thank you for the comment on my blog. I have white, pink, and red crepe myrtles around my property and the bees love them too. Love your pictures. We have blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and plums growing here. I love them all but raspberries are my fav! You'll surely be rewarded in heaven for all you do for others. I understand the back. I had back surgery a year ago and am now waiting for another disk to rupture.

Hugs XX

Julia said...

I just love the bees! I could sit mesmerized to watch them. Kind of hypnotic in a strange way.

Our blackberries have been bursting out now too. THe kids pillage the shrub daily. :)

Faith said...

Doris, bumbles make honey too? Say I say a comment about not knowing how to back to your original blogger, if you look up where the dashboard is, etc, look in the new design, to the left of it is says..back to blogger...I forgot exactly how I got mine to go back to original...there must be a prompt...I will have to check it out...but poke around and see what you find. Now..lets go berry

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my goodness, I'm behind as usual! Time is such a crunch lately! I missed your birthday, and missed Micki's (Irish Muses) birthday too! Well, while I may be a little late, my wishes are still sincere.. Hope you had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!.. And Many Happy Returns!... Love all your photos today! ((hugs)) ~tina