Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Well, I'll bee... time flies! The year is almost half over and I have installed a Christmas Count Down clock. Sorry, guys, but if I am not careful, I'll be facing October with nothing to show for. This shall serve as a daily reminder for me to get busy with some serious crocheting. (NOTE: I have a little survey request for you at the end of this post.)

My friend, who makes reborn baby dolls, has already reserved her space for the "Flatlanders" arts and crafts festival that takes place in town every September (around Labor Day) and she's saving some room in her booth for me to display some of my crocheted things. I also would love to be a vendor in the Honey Bee Festival this year (first weekend in October) and will need a large inventory of crocheted bees, like these:

Shelf sitter bees (above) about 5" tall - bee for hanging (right) about 5" long

Above: shelf sitter bee (left) Patriotic hanging bee (center) and more "personalized" shelf sitter bees. Can be anywhere from 4" to 7" tall.
(Below:) Bee accent pillow (L) knitted bee doll (center) about 16" and beehive potholder (R)
(Below) sunflower hat with autumn bee (L) hanging bee (Center) Bee Square shelf sitter (R)
(Below) Frizzy, the frazzled honey bee hanger (L) Buzz, the spiffy caller 14" shelf sitter (C) and bee hanger (R)

(Below) bee and flower book mark (L) Bee pin (center) Personalized shelf sitter bee (R)

and here's my most favorite bee of all:

Yaaaawn and streeeech before his photo shoot!

My Bumble Gizzy!

I'd like to take a little, unofficial survey and find out what you would be most likely to buy (either for yourself or as a gift) to help me to decide which bees to make the most of for my upcoming arts and crafts event(s).

Thanks everyone, I'd really appreicate it! You can just write your answer in the comments here.


Anonymous said...

I love them all but most of all -- I love that hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silke said...

They are so much fun, Doris!! I just love Gizzy in his bee outfit! He couldn't be any cuter if he tried... I'd probably like a little bee or two or three to hang in the window. I love to hang things from a branch or the ceiling. I cannot believe you have started the Christmas countdown!! Love, Silke

Faith said...

I like the angel bees the best.
Thanks for stopping by my place...
pleased to meet you...have a great day.

AZBelle (Sandy) said...

I love the hat, since it looks like a sunflower! And Gizzy looks sooooooo adorable in that bee outfit, I just want to hug him!

gin said...

I like the hanging blue and white bee with the sparkly stuff around the neck. And of course Gizzy's outfit!!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Fun and fantastic little bees.. and the Grizzy.. is adorable in his bee costume.. makes me smile every time I see it on him ;)

glor said...

How cute they all are. My favorite is the one hold the heart trimmed in pink. However, how could anyone pass on Gizzy's attire. That's a keeper.

Debbie said...

It's hard to choose, because I like all of the ones holding the hearts! Gizzy is especially cute!

Beansieleigh said...

I like the little bees in the first and second pictures at the top! But I wonder if a lot of people would love a bee outfit for their pets. It sure is cute!! I'd definitely set out a picture of Gizzy wearing it, if she isn't there modeling it for you! ~tina

mommaof3 said...

i love them all

Erika's Crafts Corner said...

Personally I love the Angel Bee's. They are just to cute. But most of all I love Gizzy's outfit and I would certainly put one of them on my dog.

Cathy said...

They are all sooo cute!! but I think I like the little shelf sitters best :)
I ♥LOVE♥ anything with bees too :)

Tulsi said...

This little dog is just toooo adorable!

The Beneficial Bee said...

Love them all Doris, but I especially love the beehive potholder!