Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bluebird Scrubbie und Bienenstich Kuchen

I just finished crocheting this little amigurumi bluebird. Insted of stuffing it with the traditional polyester fiberfill, I put a blue nylon scrubbie inside so that the bird can get wet without getting ruined. I used 100% mercericed cotton and am planning on making more in different colors. I used this pattern, only as you can see, I altered it a bit. I usually change patterns around to suit my individual fancy ;-)

I thought it would look adorable sitting there in the kitchen window while not in use. He could also be used in the bathroom as a facial scrubbie. Either way, he looks cute just sitting around doing nothing, maybe hiding in a flower arrangement or center piece on the table.

I love Bienenstich Kuchen, which is a German dessert cake that translates to Bee Sting Cake. I love it because, as most German pastries, it's not overly sweet and is made with only the finest ingredients: real sweet butter, heavy whipping cream and almonds (and honey.)

There's a million and one recipes on the Internet for this traditional Bavarian dessert. Making it entails a 3-step process: cake, filling and topping. You can make the cake with or without yeast and even the fillings vary. I prefer the traditional pastry cream filling, but again, you can chose from very simple to elaborate, one thing for certain: I love baking with honey. Did you know that baked goods containing honey have a longer shelf life, because honey is a natural preservative?

I don't spend as much time in the kitchen like I used to when I had someone to cook for. Now I keep it quick and simple, but occasionally, especially during Christmas time, I really love to bake for two reasons: (1) When it's cold outside, using the oven heats up my apartment and it smells so good (2) baking those traditional German recipes remind me of my childhood growing up in Franken (Bavaria) with my Oma (paternal grandmother) who helped raise me. She's been gone for many years now, but continues to live on in my heart. She was a very kind soul who loved animals and loved to laugh. She was the Rock of the family and the best cook ever. She was the Julia Child in my life. That woman could take the simplest ingredients and turn them into a delicacy fit to be served at the Ritz Carlton - no kidding. She learned to cook in a Vienna (Austria) kitchen and Austrian cuisine is notorious in the culunary world for being quite exquisite.  I still miss her!

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mommaof3 said...

cute blue bird

glor said...

The little bird is adorable. How fun now to do dishes. I think I should have one. As far as the dessert, can I come over??? Looks wonderful.

Crafty Witch said...

Lovely bird! Suits well like that in the tree :)

The cake looks great! Because I live near Germany I've had the delight of tasting the lovely desert-kitchen in germany loads of times and this is one of my favorite ones! :)

Silke said...

That bird is so adorable!! Love the colors!!

And Bienenstich - oh, how I miss you!!! My mouth is watering as I read your post. German baking is the best and I don't nearly do enough of it!! Like you, my Oma lived with us and helped raise us. Both my mother and my grandmother were excellent and intuitive cooks - we ate well when we grew up and that has continued in my life - thanks to them and Daniel's family, where everyone cooks amazingly well.

Guten Appetit!! Love, Silke

Kerrie said...

Very cute!

Anke said...

Oh I love Bienenstich! I can't wait to visit all the bakery's on our upcoming visit and eat all the different baked goods I miss so much. Bienenstich, Krapfen, Schneeballen... the list goes on.

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Oh gosh, LOVE the blue bird!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Doris, you and I could become millionaires if we could get someone to finance our German/Austrian delicacies company. Anyone who has ever had real German treats can vouch that they are the best in the entire world!!! We ought to really start a company -- you do the cooking and I will do the tasting, for quality control, of course!!!

Your bluebird is so cute!!!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Doris! Your cake looks delicious, and your little feathered friend turned out adorable!!!.. What CUTE photo, with him sitting in the tree like that! LOVE it! I've done a couple of these birds, and agree it's a fun pattern to crochet! Dear Daughter keeps one on her desk!

Faith said...

Good Morning...what a sweet little blue bird..all cheerful and pretty..the desert looks very very good....why don't you whip one up for company....or two...for seconds.. Brunch at ll:00 ish....:)

Cathy said...

Love your cute bluebird! and the German baking recipes ~ oh, my!! they sound heavenly!
Sounds like your grandmother was a very special lady ~ precious memories♥

I Wonder Wye said...

I LOVE this bluebird!! I'm watching the first bluebird family of the summer raise their brood right now. Was afraid they were going to be murdered when I saw a sparrow enter the box, but when I checked they were all still okay....I will pay you for one of these cutie-pies...

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

I love you blue bird.. awesome.. it turned out so sweet and what a brilliant idea with the scrubby you clever girl you :) We missed you in chat Sat!