Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moth Identification

For those of you interested in knowing what that moth was that I photographed the other day, I got an answer from my fellow Etsian (Bugman58) who has this really cool shop:

Elusive Butterflies of Love Art/Bugs In My House Art

You should take the time to read his profile. He's such an interesting person. This is what he wrote about "my" moth (pictured below):

"...from the picture, shape of the wings and your description it is for certain a Hawk Moth in the family Sphingidae...also called Sphinx Moths. Very common in your area. Species could be (hard to exact Id from that photo alone) Sphecodina abbotti....Common name-(Abbot's Sphinx)

Hope that helps? Take care..Sincerely, Mike..bugman"

Isn't that interesting? I looked up some pictures of Hawk Moths and discovered there are many different kinds. For instance, I found these pictures of a couple of moths that look similar to the one I saw. The first two photos are of a Abbot's Spinx:
These two where listed under Poplar Hawk Moth:

Look at that face! Call me nuts, but I can totally see a teeny, tiny faery riding that sucker - gitty up buckarooooo.....ha, ha, ha!

Sweet Dreams!




Silke said...

Oh, how interesting! I love interesting bugs like that!! I'll have to check and see if I see any around here... Have a lovely evening!! Love, Silke

Faith said...

you never know where or what you will learn bloggin..interesting. I got to laugh about the fairy...they know how to get around in style....yeeee haaaaa
getty up.....

gwengoods said...

Really cool!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

As long as it's not a Southern Asp moth (puss moth), I'm happy!!!

Faith said...

Doris, Hi
Go to the cutest blog on the block and you will find a honeybee background..I thought of you when I saw it..Have a good weekend.

Samantha G said...

That is so interesting! How nice of the BugMan to help you out :)

Do a search on the "Oleander Sphinx Moth" or "Oleander Hawk Moth." I did one for my 30 bugs series- it's seriously on my list of things I must see before I die, even if just in a museum or something. I know pictures can't do it justice... but it's one of the prettiest bugs I've ever seen (in photos!!)!


Susan said...

That is a beautiful little dog!

Did you read the e-mail I sent last night? Let me know if you want the Lilly Of The Valley I mentioned.


Anonymous said...


Annie said...

I love Moths, they are so cool :-).
I will have to check this guy out.