Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let's clown around!

Today, we are starting the day with 91 percent humidity and needless to say, I could not garden very much this morning without getting soaked and having to retreat to indoors. I did manage to stake my peas, transplant my dill into a bigger container, fertilize and water all the plants, feed the strays and I broke up a cat fight (did you know they sounded like little kids screaming?)

So, I'm taking this opportunity to blog and spend some time with you this morning. I've not been a very good buddy and I apologize, but since summer is coming early, I'll be cooped up inside soon enough to blog more regularly.

Anyway, my friend Ginny, of Let your Light Shine, spied one of my Harlequin or Jester clowns in one of my pictures I posted and suggested for me to show you the rest of my collection.

Here they are! Meet the Clown's family:

I put up a little shelf on my living room corner and that's where they are and the biggest one is standing on my entertainment unit:

I put him next to the little ones so you can see the difference. I got him/her from my best friend about 6 years ago, but I don't know how long she's had him (I just noticed my hanging planters outside with the lettuce growing in them.)

It stands about 19" tall and is very elegant looking. Even his nails are painted, look:

Let me show you the rest of the gang, from the littlest one to the biggest:

Here's the tiniest one that my sister brought from Germany some odd 20 years ago. It's sitting on a swing and measures just about  4 1/2" from top to bottom (including the hat.)

He's extra special to me because, well, my sister gave him to me.

Next is my other small baby clown that sits with his pal for comparison:

I bought him years ago in California (over 15 years) and he's 5" tall with the softest head of hair. I think it's rabbit and I really need to wash it, but am afraid that it might come off....It feels incredibly soft to the touch. The bigger clown on the left is my newest acquisition, the only one I purchased here in Georgia thus far. I bought him last year in a second hand shop. He's a 10" shelf sitter with no hands and feet, but I liked his colors.

The next two are my Hobos, I purchased them together in California over 15 years ago:

These two are standing up and are 9" tall. (Uh, oh! The flash woke the sleeping beastie.)

(Hey! Wait a minute! How do they rate, mom? It's supposed to be all about ME!!!)

The next one is one of my favorites because I like that it has porcelain face and hands plus I love the colors and decorations:

The next one is one of my favorites too (OK, they all are - for different reasons!) because it reminds me of Mardi Gras (don't ask me why! I've never been there) but I just love the paisley purple with gold trim and the turban hat, plus his hands and face are porcelain too and he's got freckles; ALSO, he was my very first one who got the whole collection started.

Both of the above clowns are shelf sitters and about 10" tall in stretched out position and I bought them in California (at different times) well over 20 years ago.

The next one is a my Valentine's clown and also from California, only it does not have any hands and feet, which is sad and he looks so sad too with a blue tear coming from his eye:

He/she is also 10" tall from top to bottom (and needs to be washed, I see!)

Lastly, here's the purple clown shelf sitter with hands and feet and he also needs a bit cleaning up - in fact they all do, I'm just afraid to wash their hair. I want to get a hand-held steamer to clean them like my friend did with the big one she gave me. Maybe when I get my car, I'll pack them all up and take them to Livi's house, so I can steam clean them.

And that concludes today's presentation of my clown family. I hope you enjoyed the show! I'm just a silly old woman who finds pleasure in her little trinkets and knick-knacks (or pretties, as they say here in the South). Looking at them evokes memories of places I've been, people I've known and it brings me joy!

Wishing you all a joyful day and a happy heart!


Deborah said...

I like your clowns, they are beautiful and full of meaning. I love that! Don't worry Gizzy, it is all about you! LOL
I have been thinking of you lately with all the storms. Are you effected by them too. It is cold and rainy in New England. Terrible weather :( It's raw outside.
Have a great day!

Erika's Crafts Corner said...

Love these clowns. Beautiful collection. How long have you collected?

By the way, sorry I wrote Izzy the other day, meant Gizzy. Love that little dog of yours. Always enjoy all the pictures he is in.

Yesterday you made me hungry and drooling with those strawberries. We don't have them around here yet, but I can hardly wait to pick the first.

You and Gizzy have a wonderful day!


glor said...

Wow Doris, what a beautiful collection. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed seeing them. Sounds like your smack dab in the middle of sumer already. We're still having 40ish degree weather and rain. Very chilly. Have a great day.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

What a beautiful collection!!! We love all of them but the hobos really caught our eyes, must have been because Gizzy was there too:) Thanks for sharing such a unique collection.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Ginny said...

This is my favorite post that you have ever done!! They are all so pretty, I don't know which one would be my favorite, I think the one in the second picture that your friend gave you. They do remind me of Mardi Gras, maybe they are more common in New Orleans. What kind of shops sell these? I wonder why so many are crying? This is such an unsual and beautiful collection!!! Now what else have you been hiding that we would love to see?

Ann said...

What a great collection. The bonus is that you get joy from looking at them. It looks like Gizzy enjoys them also or is it that he just likes to be in pictures? :)
I did know that cats sounded like children screaming. Years ago we lived in a mobile home and they used to crawl underneath and we would have to listen to them all night long.

sprinkles said...

Your collection is really beautiful!

It's not 90 here but I'm kind of stuck inside too. My allergies are in high-drive today. By the time I walked back to my car today, I looked like I was crying. My eyes were all puffy, I had tears running down my face and my nose wouldn't stop running.

Chatty Crone said...

Doris - those clowns are wonderful - I didn't know that you had them - I am so glad you showed us - awesome pal. sandie