Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Milltown Murals Motorcade 2009

Yesterday was the annual Milltown Murals Motorcade event that focuses on Lakeland's wall depictions that reflect the year 1925 when the city of Milltown was renamed and became Lakeland. I have been to these events before, but yesterday I could not get myself to go outside in over 90 degree (Fahrenheit) heat. While many towns barely remember their past, Lakeland remembers and celebrates it daily with life-sized painted murals of life in 1925 Milltown. For over a decade now scenes of a bygone era by South Carolina artist R.D. Waldrop, pop up around the town – by the hospital, a park, the historical society and a bank building. Before I show you photos of some of the murals I took earlier this year, here's a little history: The painting of the murals began in 1998. The first murals event took place in 2000 when there were just 12 murals for locals and visitors to view. (Now there's over 25) Many local citizens dressed in costumes that reflected the 1925era and their conversation with viewers revolved around the mural characters they were portraying. That's my Gizzy sitting on the playhouse porch at Roquemore Park. I found this great (and safe) website with wonderful information about the Milltown Murals and whom they represent. You can also watch a lovely 17 minute movie explaining the murals and learning about the person who makes them. Milltown Murals Well over 75 owners of antique vehicles brought their trucks and cars to Lakeland yesterday to participate in the Motorcade Parade at 1 pm and later left them on display for viewing for the rest of the afternoon, here's one example: Classic cars were added to the Motorcade seven years ago. Notable examples of the classic cars parked along Main Street were a dark green 1927 British made Bentley, and a burgundy and black 1910 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost double pullman limousine. The band "Sweetwater Creek" played bluegrass music in Roquemore Park during the Milltown Murals Motorcade celebration and I'm really sorry I missed that because I enjoy Bluegrass. Journey to Lakeland, Georgia, for a taste of the rural South of the early 20th century when neighbors knew each other and horsepower came on four legs and motorized... 'Ya'll come and see us sometime, ya'hear?"

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Sandy O said...

No more homeless animals day went great..yeah!! Gizzy is as sweet looking as ever. I love seeing you at the lake. The article on the bees was interesting and can't wait to hear your talk on Honey Bees at our CHAT meeting. Hope to see you soon.