Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

We almost made it to the Fair

This is Gizzy in his patrioitc Babuschka...I was just goofing around with him because he's so gosh darn cute! He got that scarf at the Honey Bee Festival last year.

I purposely waited till later in the afternoon, hoping it would be not as hot so that I could take Gizzy to the Flatlanders Arts and Craft's Fair, but we only made it taout half way there and had to stop at Roquemore Park because it was so hot and stuffy and the gnats were driving us crazy...Gizzy was panting and yes, I had plenty of water for us to drink. I even had a spray bottle full of water so that I could spritz him, ok, soak him, really well.

He was so excited at the prospect of seeing people. When I pushed him through town, he could barely sit still and kept fidgeting so that he slid off the rollator seat a couple of times - silly dog. He reminded me of a little kid wiggling in anticipation, but alas, we never made it all the way there because it was too hot and I found out that there were no dogs allowed, so we just turned around and went back home, past the lake, past the duckies who were quacking and running towards everyone they saw.

At the end we got a ride home from a friend in his pick up truck because he saw that we were tired and needed to be back in the air conditioned apartment.

When we got home, I cooked Gizzy a consolation hamburger in the broiler and now he's sleeping contentedly. Soon enough it'll be cold again so that we can spend a lot more time outside. I can feel the season changing. It won't be long before we'll be having turkey dinners and practicing our Christmas carols.


Parsley said...

Oh, I know Gizzy would be a joy to pet sit for!

Deborah said...

AWWW, Gizzy is just too darn cute!
Have a great weekend!

gin said...

Gizzy is always the cutest. I love going to the fair. The weather is almost perfect, not too hot, and not cold, the food, the exhibits, friends, and rides. Our parish fair is not till October. Can't wait.

Ginny said...

Poor gizzy! Good thing you had all that water, and took good care of him! You may not have made it, but you got a swell blog post out of it, anyway! The pictue is so cute!!!

The Beneficial Bee said...

Nothing makes me happier than a dog in a Babuschka. It sounds like you guys had a great day!

babymotte said...

wie süüüüüüüüüüüüüß...sei froh das ich so weit weg bin...den würd ich mir mitnehmen :O)
Lasse Dir liebe gRüße hier...Heike

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my gosh, Doris.. I'm so sorry to hear you and Gizzy missed going to the arts and crafts fair.. And he looked so CUTE for the occasion too! I LOVE going to those kinds of things, but haven't been to one in a while. I've hardly had a chance to even go to any garage/estate sales this summer. It's just been TOO HOT for people to want to HAVE them, or GO to them!.. Anyways, hope you and Gizzy are enjoying the rest of your weekend in the comforts of your air-conditioned home. Believe it or not, the fans here are finally getting a REST! We're down to 60s and 70s for the weekend, and I hear we're headed for more hot and muggy weather by mid-week, but I'll take a break whenever Mother Nature wants to give one! This morning is only 54 degrees! Yes, I think Fall is on it's way, so hang in the Gizzy!.. ((Hugs to you both!)) ~tina

Julia said...

Poor little Gizzy. But he gets his burger too which is a treat for sure.

Can you leave him and go to the fair on your own? Or will he get too upset? Just a thought so you can get out and explore those things you love. :)

~Niki~ said...

how sweet. my 2 pekes are spoiled rotten too. h aha

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Gizzy looks just adorable in his patriotic gear. Too bad it had to be so hot, but at least you both got out for a bit. Those darn gnats drive our Mom crazy too.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Aw, POOH to those who don't allow dogs in places -- one thing I liked when I lived elsewhere (in the PNW) was that dogs were allowed everywheres, like in France --

sprinkles said...

Yes, Gizzy IS so darn cute!

I'm sorry you had to miss the arts and crafts fair. It sounds like you made the right decision not to stay though.

I'm not looking forward to the cooler weather but I'm glad you'll be able to get out in it a little more.

Anonymous said...

Gizzy is cute as always. Wanted to stop by real quick and tell you I haven't dropped off the face of the planet - I just took a break and then when I started a knew - I really started a knew. Just now reaching out to my blogger friends.

Have a great weekend - Sandy formerly of Suburban Simplcity

Denise Marie said...

Cuteness!! He is adorable but my eyes went right to the webkins looking piggy friend. lol

In-laws have pigs on their farm. :)

Clara said...

You have a fantastic blog with so much to see and learn. Your work is fantastic and I look forward to following you on a regular basis. Gizzy is adorable and is in the same name family as my cats it seems, Fizzy, Ozzy and Twiggy.

K9friend said...

Too bad Gizzy didn't have his outing, but hot weather is definitely not Fido-friendly!


Kerrie said...

Just adore Gizzy in her babooshka! Going camping tomorrow thru Sunday. We need the rest! love, K