Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two butterflies enjoying the autumn sun

It's the time of year when the butterflies are fluttering about enjoying the autumn sun on this green, fragrant bush. Does anyone know what it is? I used to think it was a lemon verbena, but it's not - at least it doesn't look like anything I saw on Google Image...but if you brush your hands through the leaves, it smells so much like lemon, I just want to chew on a leaf.

Anyway, this bush was full of butterflies. These two appeared to be mating. The one on the left was fluttering above the one sitting on the flower folded up (right) and would not keep still that I could not get a clear shot as he was constantly in motion.

Does anyone know what they are? They are not Monarchs, nor do they look like the Viceroy (Monarch Imposter) to me according to the photos I have...can anyone tell me, please? They are all over the place every year at this time.

It's going to be hot today!


Anonymous said...

Hi Doris,

What a beautiful picture. I can't tell you what the butterflies are, but the plant might be lemon balm - it is a type of mint. The leaves seem to be the right shape, but it seem a little shiny to me for lemon balm but maybe that's the way they show up on film.

Enjoy your autumn day


Ginny said...

Sorry I can't help you identify the butterflies or the plant. But what a georgous picture!! And the butterflies are such a brilliant fall orange!

the booker man said...

i love a challenge, so i searched for different butterflies. it looks like yours are gulf fritillary butterfies (passion butterflies). they are common in the south.

p.s. -- booker wants to let gizzy know that his tongue picture was awesome!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Doris,

I think those are the gulf fritillary butterflies and a lantana bush.


Vickie said...

wow what an awesome picture thanks for sharing..I wouldn't have a clue what species they are but they are gorgeous,cheers Vickie

Nélia Botelho said...

Olá Doris

Linda cor a das borboletas...uma cor inspiradora para trabalhos de crochet.
Bom fim de semana


sprinkles said...

I love butterflies! I even have one tattooed on my back.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Very Beautiful Doris...both bush and butterfly...can't help you out on either tho...

I hope you are getting some relief from the heat?

We may see frost soon...upper Wisconsin is really cool now and it won't be long and our colors will be peaking...I think tonight is down in the mid 40's...feels good to sleep!!!

Many Blessings and All My Love Dear Lady!

Sea Witch said...

Hello Doris: Just wanted to say hello and see what you were up to. Everyone is so busy this year an I've been remiss in stopping by my favorite blogs myself. Always enjoy your visits and what you are crocheting. Have you ever done "hard crochet"? I used to do that in the 1970s...lots of fun but hard on the hands. Sea Witch

Samantha G said...

Lora was right! We had those butterflies and Lantana at the Hershey Butterfly House last summer. The Gulf Frittilaries were actually one of my favorite butterflies!

We also had one of those bushes in our yard in Maryland and I would call it the Froot-Loops-Bush because the flowers were all multi-colored (just like the Froot Loops cereals) and I thought it smelled like the Froot Loops cereal, too! The bush definitely has a nice, fragrant, sweet citrusy smell to ut :)

Thanks for sharing this- it's too late in the year for me to plant any flowers in my new garden, so I enjoyed seeing both the flowers and the butterflies here!

Jane said...

What a great picture...Gizzy is so cute! Love the plant, too.

I don't have a pumpkin soup recipe, but that sure does sound good. I will try to look for one and make it next week.

Hope all is well with you and Gizzy!


Faith said...

poor little gizzy...lost some toothins...I never new they removed dogs teeth...for heavens sake. These butterfly's are really pretty Doris, they don't even look real..I have no idea what kind they are though. At our local zoo we have a butterfly house, and you can walk around inside and they are flying all over...some of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen..and the colors amazing.