Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trading Places

This morning we had very comfortable weather. It was not too hot and perfect for sitting on the porch, reading, knitting, drawing or snapping photos...well, I did all of that. I sat in my Adirondack chair with my feet propped on the ottoman, drinking my morning coffee. Gizzy was tied up next to me on a very long leash so he could not bolt after a stray cat, if one happened to stroll by as they often do. Middi was inside, by herself, on a windowsill looking out when I started to feel really bad for her. She's strictly an indoor cat and she doesn't mind it when we're all together inside, but she just hates it when Gizzy and I are outside and she's not. You should hear her calling after us when I take him for a potty run ...she sounds like a baby or like a peacock. I can hear her meow echoing through the neighborhood - it's almost embarrassing. So, I decided to give her harness and leash another try. I purchased them a while back, but used them only a few times before. Well, Middi is capable of reading my mind because before I even had a chance to get her harness, I saw her slithering under the bed out of the corner of my eye. I KNOW that cat is psychic! So, I went back outside for a while and finally caught her by surprise when she was sitting by the window looking out. She actually was quite calm as I put the harness on her. I snapped on the light weight cord-type leash and carried her outside...I watched her closely, because last time I walked inside for only a minute and when I returned she had managed to get herself all tangled up and the harness was almost off. When Gizzy started to growl at her because he thinks he's the boss of her and he wasn't consulted on her being outside, I carried him inside and put him on the windowsill while Middi was outside sniffing around and tentatively exploring the front yard with me watching carefully and taking some photos: Gizzy and Middi share this windowsill. My friend extended the width because Middi kept falling off when she was sleeping, so now it's about 11" wide and perfect for either one of them since they're both about the same size. (Yeah, when I first adopted Middi she was skin and bones and half her size - poor thing!) I love looking up into the trees and leaves...always have, since ever I was a kid. Looking across the street, watching my neighbor, Bruce, do his "gardening thing." He's the self-appointed horticulturist in our neighborhood and loves to prune and snip and plant...he reminds me a little of St. Francis of Assisi. Another view from where I'm sitting. You can see Middi on the lower left hand corner of the picture sitting there, just watching the birds and enjoying the outdoors. We have lots of birds here, especially Robins, Mockingbirds, Doves, Woodpeckers and others I don't even know. I will have to purchase a bird book, because this is the perfect place for birdwatching. My neighbor has a bird feeding station out back and I often watch them through my binoculars early in the morning when they are especially active. Middi was outside for a little over an hour just being interested in everything that moved. She even discovered the toad hole at one point and stuck her arm in there up to her shoulder. When she started to get antsy, I took her back inside and now she's sleeping on the couch, probably dreaming of a bird. From now on I will take her outside more often.

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