Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Trapped and unhappy

I set the traps this morning and got one right off the bat. It's one of the younger, orange ones and he's one unhappy kitty-cat....I have to be careful how I handle the cage because he's all over it. I put a pillow case over the trap so he at least stopped crying and seems more calm now. I have to keep him all day until I drop him off tomorrow morning at 7 am for the spay/neuter clinic. (The animal organization who sponsors these low cost spay/neuter clinics pays for the spay or neuter of one feral cat per month. The reason I got two spots this time is because I didn't trap one last month and they had the room to squeeze me in.)  IF I do n ot catch another by the end of the day, I will see if my friend wants to include one of her 20 odd strays that she feeds at her house. Many of "hers" are quite tame and can be put in a carrier easily, so I hope she's home for me to get one of hers so that we can use the two spaces that they reserved for me.

I don't know what gender this cat is, but I'm glad I got at least one...thus far!

I'm thankful that most of my neighbors sleep in, so that I can do this with minimal interference because everyone would want me to take this cat to the pound or dump him someplace out in the woods "since I've already trapped him" .... people don't understand that cats have no chance in this state. They're even harder to place than dogs. At least people can "use" dogs but cats are like squirrels and some people use them for pit bull bait (just like little stray dogs) - why do you think we have hardly any dogs in our local shelter and why you have to have an appointment to come in and see it... think about it...or not!

Anyway, this cat  will be spayed/neutered tomorrow morning and then I'll pick him up in the afternoon and release him back here. He's in the house with me now and quiet as a mouse. Guess the pillow case calmed him down. Poor thing! It's so dramatic for him (or her.)

I still have one trap sitting outside, but it's an old rust bucket and the food has already been eaten out of it. When I tested it, it only snapped closed if pressure is applied just so on a specific location of the lever....I will continue to put food in it throughout the day and hopefully I won't trap an opossum

Happy Monday everyone!.


Anonymous said...

Pit bull bait? Oh tell me that isn't true! How horrid! Keep up the good work, Doris. If everyone trapped just one and took them in to be spayed/neutured think what a difference it would make.

Parsley said...

Wow, I never thought about how cats would be used as dog fighting bait. Oh that breaks my heart.

Good for you and congrats on your capture and efforts.

marianne said...

You're an angel Doris!
You are doing just the right thing for this kitty. It is very hard to replace these cats, and most of them don't even want to live indoors it would drive them crazy.
I am so happy you are there for them. Think what would happen to them if they were left to the mercy of those terrible neighbors!!! (not all of them of course)
Who pays for this Doris? Is someone helping you?

Hugs to you and Gizzy and this beautiful orange cat will soon be outside again and his ordeal will be forgotten.
Bless you dear ♥

Karin said...

Yes, Doris, keep up the good work! One at a time!!

AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm doing a happy dance Doris! Yay for this kitty! Soon it will be healthier and all because of your gift to help the animals! :)

You are a Hero Miss Doris...a Hero to the Animals!!!!

Thank You God for this Sister/Friend of mine, and bless this journey of helping the creatures!


(((Big Hugs)))

glor said...

Bless you Doris, you are one special lady. Pit bull bait ... Oh my gosh, makes me sick. I can't even express what I'm feeling.

Robin said...

Liebe Doris - Marianne is richtig - Du BIST eine Engle! Wirklich!
I thought it was an *ordeal* for my neighbour (auch eine Engel) and myself to trap six cats! It took nearly a year...because sometimes, we would trap a furry one that we had already had neutered!

You live in a part of the world where hunting is common....and dogs *rule* turns my stomach... (and I am a dog lover...)..but it's the humans who are stupidly cruel.. there's not too much we can do - except try and help all of God's little creatures. I like Beverooni's statement, "If everyone trapped just one and took them in to be spayed/neutured think what a difference it would make". It would indeed..and I hope your many readers will think about this and make an effort to help.

Sending you and your "Mr./Ms Orange" a big hug.... God sees all and will bless you for your endeavours! Of course, kiss Gizzy for me too!!!!

Love, always,

♥ Robin ♥

Sharon said...


That is the prettiest kitten. I wish he could find a "forever home". Bless you for taking time to help these cats!

" me " said...

poor things, He/she must be very scared now! But you are doing the right thing !

sprinkles said...

That's such a pretty cat. You're so thoughtful to help a kitty out like that.

Chatty Crone said...

Doris you are always always so busy with different projects - it amazes me.

I'm glad you got one!