Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spay and Neuter Day and a pending Adoption

Yesterday I dropped off the one feral cat I caught and another feral cat my friend caught at her house since we had two spots reserved for us. This was a free service provided by an animal group called LAPS (Lanier Animal Partnership & Support.)

Young male in small cage

This is a big boy of Janice's group whom she calls Loverboy and I refer to as Catzilla. As you can see by his open wound, he recently got in a fight over mating rights (hence Loverboy!)

These dogs are all rescue dogs who are now getting spayed/neutered.

The van is being loaded with cats and dogs for the trip to the Vet's in Forida. Bigger cities are closer in Florida than here in GA because we're just 30 miles from the FL border and closer to where the Vet is that is working with this group.

Bigger dogs in kennels in the back and cats in their cages in the front.

There were two Siamese kittens in that carrier

Rebecca, who didn't want her photo taken, carrying one of the cats.

My friend, Janice, holding the instructions for the spay/neuter program. This is held every last Tuesday of the month and we have a standing reservation to bring in one of our stray/feral cats till they're all done. It sounds easier than it is, because there is no guarantee that the strays will go in the, we just have to hope and pray! I'm grateful that there is this program available in Lakeland, and I wanted to share the good news because it's important to read something positive about animals than always abandonment, pain and suffering, agreed?

I picked up the strays at 6:30 pm yesterday afternoon and I released the orange boy back into the woods with his relatives who are next. It may be difficult for me to get them because they all witnessed the trapping ordeal of their brother with big eyes filled with shock and terror! Maybe they have a short memory!

All in all, there were about 14 animals spayed/neutered yesterday, about half dogs and the other half cats... and that's a good thing!

I am making some little fundraiser items for our upcoming pet costume contest on October 29th in the park. Here I crocheted cat faces around an old cd to use them as coasters or hot pads. They can also be used as wall decorations or ornaments. 

And now for the biggest news of my day: This is not quite finalized, but I'm working on finding a volunteer pet transport to help me get this little girl home to me and Gizzy for we are adopting her.

Meet Weezie. She's a 7-year old spayed Pekingese. She's a rescue dog. She was found when she was about one year old in Biloxi, MS, wandering around outside during Katrina. Then she lived with an elderly lady who ended up in a nursing home a couple of years ago. Weezie has been living with her foster mom for the past two years. They would never think of puting her in an animal shelter, but the financial burden with four other pets and three children is becoming too great. I can totally understand that. I've been communicating with Weezie's owner extensively and she wants no adoption fee, just reassurance that she will go into a good home. I guess she could contact you guys, because you all know how I dote on my boy. Doesn't she sort of look like him? When Gizzy was younger, he looked even more like her.  

(Gizzy's photo below)

Doesn't he look like Weezie's older brother? Gizzy and Weezie - I can't wait!


Parsley said...

Congrats on the pending adoption!

Anonymous said...

I think you just refer her to your blog. It's the best reference of all. Good luck. I hope the adoption goes through.

You asked about my camera. I just got a new one. It's a Kodak easyshare, 16 mp, C1550. My other is a Casio Exilim. Lately my Casio has been acting up so thus the new Kodak. I like the pictures the Kodak takes but it uses batteries. My Casio is rechargeable. After using the Kodak for a while and already going through one set of batteries, I think I'd have opted for one that recharges. Just my own personal opinion.

Chatty Crone said...

Congratulations Doris - I know you are excited. When will you know for sure? Love, sandie

Ann said...

congrats, how exciting
I absolutely love your crocheted cats, they are adorable

Debi said...

Hey...that's AWESOME news. Congrats on the pending's wonderful!!

Ima Weed said...

Lots of exciting and good things happening at your place. Yea !!!

Ginny said...

Gosh she looks like Giz! At first I thought it was Gizzy, congratulations, this will be so much fun, and Giz will get a playmate. She may put more life in him and maybe he won't sleep as much now with a playmate. Can't wait till you get her and we can see pictures of them together!

marianne said...

Good and exiting news Doris!
Wonderful about the program. How great is that!?
And exiting about Gizzy s new sister.
You know if they get along?
If I would live near I would have driven you you know that.
Well dear you did your angel duties for today :)
Bless you

hugs to you and Gizzy!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That's so exciting! I'm really happy for you and Gizzy - I hope it all works out!

Anke said...

Ich druecke dir die Daumen, dass mit der Adoption alles klappt! Wie schoen fuer dich, ein neues "Baby" und ein Spielkamerad fuer Gizzy.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Doris...I'm just so happy for you that the spay/neuter program is doing such wonderful work.

As for Weezie...she is will Gizzy get on with her? I'm sure wonderfully as he seems to like walking with your friends dogs when you girls walk in the mornings?

Well, anywho, all of this is such great news!

(((Big Hugs!!!)))

Furry Bottoms said...

Oh, YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on the new baby!! I wonder how Gizzy will react to the new addition. I hope they play and play and play!! :)

sprinkles said...

Congrats on the pending adoption!

Sharon said...


I am so happy for you! You and Giz will love having a new member of the family! You're an angel!