Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Monday, December 27, 2010

December walk

I'm going to take you on a walk with us today and show you what it looks like here now. It doesn't look like most of your area, because we have no snow, in fact, you might think we still have fall as some of the trees are holding on to their leaves, like this pretty foliage of the ornamental pear tree out back. This is what I saw looking out my back door yesterday:

I took this photo yesterday (on Sunday 12/26) before Bruce (one of the residents here) raked them all up. Gizzy loves walking through the leaves - as do I. The building that you see in the photo is the clubhouse or rec room for us residents to use. Among other things, theres's a full kitchen and a piano for entertaining a larger crowd or just for us to sit and read. The back porch is screened in and has several rocking chairs and a couple of ceiling fans, so that's nice to use in the summer time.

Gizzy likes to investigate down by the water where the ducks congregate - just sniffing around and being a nosy busy-body. He thinks he's the mighty duck hunter now, because I allowed him to chase them back into the water a couple of times since they were following me out into the street. The cars drive really fast around that lake when the speed limit is posted at 15 mph, but it's never enforced! I'm surprised the ducks are still alive.

Gizzy takes his sweet time, investigating and sniffing each blade of grass - twice - making sure he's missed nothing, but since this is "his" walk, I just let him mosey along and do what he needs to do.

That is one of the blueberry bushes that gives us sweet blueberries in the summer. It's still very pretty in red, but I prefer it in blue!

I took this photo from the boardwalk (bridge) and I just love the pretty blue color. The water was exceptionally beautiful today. It sparkled and glimmered in the sunlight like it were covered with chips of diamonds.

I could watch the water sparkle for hours and hours...I imagine the sunbeams are little twinkling fairies or fireflies just joyfully dancing on top of the water's surface.

Here's Victoria, the Canada Goose on her peninsula!

Tossing a few treats to the goose and the two ducks!

Lest we forget the boy! He too must munch on a few kibbles and not let the ducks have EVERYTHING! (geesh! - he never even eats dry food!)

Can you see them? I'm near sighted, but I amaze myself when I'm in nature, the little things I can spot from far away!

This is His Majesty's "I'm done walking!" stance or "we are not amused" expression. That's when I pick him up and push him home on my rollator/walker.(see, how well trained I am?) I must say, that he's been walking a lot more since the weather's been cold(er). We both enjoy these temperatures tremendously!

My friend (and neighbor) Terri and I did a little trade this weekend and I'm very pleased with it. Her iron quit working and I had a brand new Black and Decker in my closet, so I gave her that in exchange for these:

I love them! Now I have some duckies that don't need to be fed. In the summer I'll put them on my front porch, but for now I want to enjoy them in here for now.

Also, when we got home, I couldn't find Gizzy - I called and called his name (you see, he's become a bit hard of hearing) and I couldn't figure out where he might I turn around and look where he was:

Yep, beside his beloved Pup-Peronis LOL - he's so funny! He makes me laugh every day!

Oh, and I thought I'd throw in a couple more photos of my Christmas tree before everyone gets fed up with Christmas, but I go for the whole nine yards:  the 12 Days of Christmas and the Epiphany (Holy Three Kings Day on Jan. 6th) before I even start to think about removing my Christmas tree.

Does anyone have any exiting plans for New Year's Eve? I remember when I wanted to see the ball drop in New York City for the year 2000 and I never made it there!


K9friend said...

Pretty walk, lovely tree, handsome Gizzy...what more do you need?
No New Year's Eve excitement for me. I'm on call for work. : (


Nora said...

Doris, I love your photo's and story telling!

glor said...

Oh Doris, what a lovely walk. It is so pretty where you live. Your newly acquired ducks are adorable. You will get much enjoyment out of them I'm sure. Enjoy your tree to the fullest,its is very beautiful. Gizzy cracks me up, these must be one of his favorite snacks. No big plans for New Year's, I like a quiet night. Years ago we would be at a midnight mass, having the first meal of the year with our Lord. Not many churches do that any more, miss that. Have a lovely evening.

Linda in New Mexico said...

What a lovely day spent by water. Gizzy is the most adorable Peke ever. We love seeing his photos, me and GK.
Happy New Year my friend. The Olde Bagg, Linda

Karin said...

That was a lovely, leisurely walk with you around the pond! Sure enjoyed all the foliage and berries! Nothing exciting happening here for New Year's Eve!

Clara said...

Doris, I love your walks with Gizzy.
We had stormy weather here but it is not to last. We have had 4 storms on 4 Mondays and another is predicted this coming Monday!

Gizzy is still protecting the dog cute!

We plan to stay home and keep warm for New Year's. We have plenty of fun (my daughter and I)doing our crafts, listening to music and spending time together.

Susan said...

Love The pictures! That lake is beautiful!
And of course Gizzy is beautiful..;-)


gin said...


Vickie said...

oh wow your christmas tree is gorgeous..thank oyu so much for taking us on the walk with you it was so peaceful and pretty and it sure took my mind of doing the house Gizzy I too am tired and must go have a rest,cheers Vickie

Ginny said...

Your tree is beautiful, and I do love the sparkling blue water. What are those trees growing right in the middle of the water? I never watched the ball drop either, only on T.V.. It doesn't seem as special now without Dick Clark

Marion said...

Dear Doris,

I love all your Photos...I never get enough of it ... they are so beautiful and you and Gizzy live in a beautiful landscape ...

Send you many Greetings,


Janine said...

Liebe Doris, deine Bilder sind wunderschön.
Ich wünsche dir ein frohes Sylvester und ein tolles Jahr 2012.
Wenn du möchtest, bist du herzlich eingeladen bei meinem giveaway mitzumachen.
Alles Liebe

Ruth said...

I am going to the movies on Friday our weather is suppose to be decent and I am tired of staying in. I have two new knees that need to be worked! LOL!

Sharon said...

Love your blog! Your pictures are beautiful and Gizzy is adorable.
I was in GA this summer and it such a beautiful state. I love the Spanish moss. Thank you for sharing!

Jules said...

Gizzy is so adorable! Thank you for taking us along on your walk. Oh, and your tree is beautiful. I especially like the angel topper!

The Boston Lady said...

Doris, thanks for taking us along on your walk with Gizzy. He seems to be quite the character and I like all your descriptions of his moods. Your pictures of the sparkling water are just beautiful. You live in a lovely area and I enjoyed seeing it through your eyes. Best Wishes. Ann

varunner said...

Spanish moss and sun. Dreamy. I'm jealous. Love Gizzy's close up. What an expression!

sprinkles said...

Pretty walk! We got snow here last night/early this morning but it's mostly melted now. I don't mind.

Your ducks are so cute! I used to have a large ceramic goose on my front steps that the former owners left behind. That thing was so heavy. Well, one day someone stole it! Very upsetting!

I think Mr. Gizzy was trying to tell you he wanted a Puperoni treat! bol

Kerrie said...

Your photos are all so beautiful Doris!! I had a lot of catching up to do on your blog! Everything is beautiful and I love the picture of you and Gizzy,it is so nice! Hugs, Kerrie

Samantha G said...

I love that Gizzy is having fun chasing the ducks whilst doing a good deed for them, too, by not allowing them close to the road! Thanks for sharing this post and all the photos (and like you I much prefer blueberry shrubberies in blue, too!)

Angela said...

Welcome to Tuesdays' Show & Tail! What a great looking walk that you and Gizzy went on! I'd love that kind of walk. I love seeing all of the critters that you seen and you seen a lot of them! I also liked seeing the picture of the palm tree. Many years ago we went to Florida and I don't think we seen any of them at all where we went. I didn't realize they were in Georgia. Thanks for taking us on your way!

Loved the picture of Gizzy under the tree with his treats!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Babydoll1962 Kreativ Ecke said...

Hallo Doris
tolle Bilder wieder , ich bin ganz begeistert.
Ich bin dir noch eine Antwort schuldig.
ein AMC ist eine Artist mailing card.
Das sind kleine Patchworkkarten die man selber machen kann. Ich mache das sehr gerne weil man damit viele Reste verbrauchen kann.
Ich wünsche euch Beiden ein schones Neues Year


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I just came over from Our Simple Life. Nature and yarn... I'll probably be back.