Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Wooo Hooo, the Bees are back!!!

I'm going to start and end with a bee video that I took right outside my apartment today. We have several Popcorn Trees and when they bloom, they smell like the finest jasmine or tuberose, such a sweet sensational scent that is so irresistible, I wish that I were a bee...or at least had some perfume that smelled like it. I stayed mostly indoors last week, because it rained a lot for the better part of the week. Today is the first chance I got to see what's new outside. This dangerous looking insect looked like a wasp to me, but it didn't have those long dangly legs (so that I could tell)...but, I didn't stick around very long. I found my first Gardenia, another flower that I'm absolutely in love with. Gizzy sriking a photogenic pose in front of the solitary blossom. My potted Peace Lily seems to be very happy sitting outside having had a few good drinks of rain water. The pink Gernium survived the winter. I had a red and white one on either side, but they didn't make it. Look at the Crape's covered with bees too. We have many of those bushes growing on the property in white and pink. They have such lovely, honey scented blossoms. I had difficulity zooming in on the bees because they were all way too quick for me and my inadequate camera. I saw this one with its big, round golden-yellow pollen sacs. I will continue to try capturing a better picture later. I'm so excited about seeing and hearing all these bees that I just had to show you. It wasn't since the Azaleas bloomed earlier this year, that I saw this much activity, only then I noticed a majority of bumble bees in the Azalea bushes. But this seems to be Honey Bee Haven. Fantastic! I'm so pleased. I can just imagine all that dancing going on back at the hive. I wish I were there to watch. Here's my other video that I promised you. Even if I couldn't get a close up, surely you are able to see all the bees darting around and hopefully also hear the buzzing sound up in the tree. And that's the buzz from my corner of the world.


Nora said...

Doris your flower pictures are awesome! I just love flowers...almost as much as crocheting! My crepe myrtles are not blooming yet and won't be for another month. Thanks for letting us see it all!

Samantha G said...

Even though you said you didn't have a fancy camera, your bee pictures are GREAT! And all of the greens in the bee pictures look really fantastic on your blog with all the greens in your layout!