Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Monday, March 23, 2009

My cat, Middi!

Since I talk so much about my dog, it's only fair to mention my cat, Middi, also, because she's a smart and brave cat who has earned her way into this house...and I secretly think she's partly responsible in keeping the bugs away that are ever so abundant in humid climates like Southern Georgia and Florida. She adopted me in spite of the dog, who absolutely hates cats. Thankfully, she's smart, streetwise and good natured, so that she can always find a way to avoid him. I also have the apartment rigged so that she has plenty of high spaces to sit on. Occasionally, he gets her cornered, but then I go over and pick him up so that she can make her getaway. She feels secure in knowing that I'm a team player. She loves to sleep on top of me and since Gizzy's not a lap dog, he doesn't seem to mind...unless when it's thundering and lightning outside and then he cries to sit on me. I named Middi for midnight, but I also call her Miss Middi Prickly-Claws because she has the sharpest, thorny needle claws that I have ever felt on a cat before. I take her to the Vet's for a trim every month or so because she won't let me do it. She turns into an absolute and perfect daemon that seems to grow ten legs equipped with sharp, scratchy claws. She scratches and bites with a vengeance and I'm just not in the mood for that. She is otherwise a sweet and loving cat and since I let her in, about eight months ago, this cat has morphed into a healthy, shiny coated, full-bodied beauty because when I first saw her, she was nothing but skin and bones, a total mess, but nothing that a couple of hundred dollars at the Vet's couldn't fix. (Here she looks disturbed over having to be my model and wear the cat collar that I crocheted. I like it, only she was NOT impressed.) After having been starved, Middi now has a healthy appetite (to the point of gluttony) and a strange fascination with danger because occasionally I see her sneaking into Gizzy's bed to take a nap (usually when he's asleep somewhere else or on top of the windowsill.) I have bought her a pretty pink bed, but she doesn't use it, so Gizzy took it over and now he has two. So what if it's pink? He's male enough to pull it off! Handsome boy - even in pink!


CrochetBouquet said...

Delightful story ! Your pets sound very entertaining !! Thanks for sharing and bringing out my smile.

Fabiane said...

Uaaau! Wonderful story. I really liked it.
I have a cat too, her name is Lili, we live in Brazil.
I love black cats. They are magnific. How you can see, my english not is so good, but
I try, 'cause I needed to comment in your blog.
See you!

Doris Sturm said...

Thanks, Fabiane, you sound adorable and I'm glad you wrote a comment on my blog.

Thank you!

SG said...

I never noticed in the other pictures I've seen, but in these, Middi looks JUST like a cat I had when I was a kid named "Midnight." I never thought to call her Middi though, just Mits. She was a beautiful and sweet kitty and I miss her lots. It made me so happy to see the pics of your cat because they remind me so much of her :)

gwengoods said...

super cute cat!