Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pancakes from scratch and fresh pair compote

This morning I made myself a treat. I found this fluffy pancakes recipe on and instead of using syrup, I topped them with some pear stew that I made last night. This was very delicious as I'm not fond of overly sweet things, especially not in the morning. 

I wish I would have kept a couple more of those big pickle jars, but I guess I'll have to use other containers. I just love glass for keeping fruit in it.

The pears are ripening as I type, so the rest of the day will be spent juicing, and stewing the rest of them that I have on the counters. Whatever is not usable goes to the bunnies outside and then that will be the last of it. There are still some pears on the tree, but they are too high up and unless I can get someone to climb up a ladder, they birds and insects will have a party with those.

This little tree has outdone itself this year and produced the biggest harvest I've ever seen since living here - besides that, they were juicier and tastier than any previous years. Thank you, little tree and thank you God for letting me enjoy this gift.

Gizzy's been sleeping a lot as he always does in the summer while we're pretty much locked up inside. Early morning and late in the evenings are the only times we venture outside - even though at night the mosquitoes really chew me up, but it could be worse, so I don't dwell on it.

 We get up very early almost every day to meet up with friends down by the little lake. That's always fun!

(Gizzy front and center)

(Gizzy barking at everyone)

At home, we have play times when we can't get out

There is always room for treats which makes my boy very happy too!

All's not lost, not even in the heat of summer - life goes on and it is what you make it. Love you guys! Off to do more juicing and paring of the pears! I found a good recipe for pear bread, so I'll be baking some of that next week.

I have a question to all my fellow bloggers who are also on Facebook:

Do you find Facebook quicker and easier to use than blogging? I find it easier to interact with people by having everything on the same site by not having to leave and go back and forth all the, the Notes feature acts like a blog where you can post similarly to blogger (more or less!) And sometimes you get a chance to chat with each other and I find that extra special. I also enjoy the You Tube channel because it's so easy to put a video clip on FB and let people see some movies you made that adds an additional dimension to long-distance friendships.

Just curious to see what your opinion is on Facebook vs. Blogger!


Mom2fur said...

I love Gizzy! What a cutie pie. Poms are so sweet.
Maybe as sweet as pears. You are so lucky to have your own! Yummy!

Mom2fur said...

Oops, scrolled down your sidebar, and I see he's a Peke, not a Pom. It's all that fluffiness that gets me confused. He's still adorable.

Mindy said...

Those pears look delicious!!! Yum! =)

I'm not on fb, so I don't have any input for you on that. ;-)

Ginny said...

You must be a very good cook, the pancake meal looks so good! Don't you just love Allrecipes? I went there and printed this one! I like that you don't have to keep buttermilk on hand to make them. I make delicious pancakes, but frequently don't have the buttermilk on hand. I used to be a Facebook junkie for awhile, till I started blogging. But I find Facebook unsuitable for what I want a personal blog to do. I do have my blog linked to Facebook, so it publishes both places at once.

marianne said...

Wonderful pictures of my cute little boy!
How nice to meet up that early when the temperature is still good. I really hope for you and Gizzy you can move up North. This is a killing climate.......
Well and the difference between facebook and blogger..... well to me it is like apples and pears ;) Yes facebook is quick but I think better for short things sharing and sometimes a chat (I am not good at that) I think the combination of both is best.

Have a wonderful weekend dear
Hugs for Gizzy♥

Ann said...

those pancakes look delicious. Of course Gizzy is just the cutest. He looks like he's enjoying play time.
I have a facebook account but I really don't use it much at all. I never really cared for it all that much

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Dorris,

By now you will have managed quite a workload of baking and preserving pears. We had a few, we were so proud but the birds or whatever got most of them. We only shared part of one... it was very juicy and sweet too.
So glad you got plenty and I hope that the tree has not yet been pruned back!
Unbelievable how heavy those branches are loaded.
We had a funeral on Thursday of a dear friend who died at the age of 93. He used to tell a story in summer about his abundance of pears. Generously he would share them with neighbors and friends but his comment was: 'Most of them are even too sorry to peel them...' That is a sad statement! We were born and raised to preserve whatever nature would provide us with and I've peeled quite a lot of fruits and made preserves etc. Tomorrow I will bake some fig cakes with slivered almonds and lemon peel in it. That goes with tea jelly, which I also make. Love doing that!
Take care and don't let that nasty neighbor have ANY of your yummy concoctions!



Mausie1 said...

Yummy more pears, your right your blessed to have that abundance in sweet pears this year. Enjoy while you can. I love glass for canning or keeping foods also...Gizzy looks so cute playing... I wonder does he enjoy the pears too>
as far as FB goes you know I am on there and its great for quick things and keeping up with each other and so on but I still like blogs ..have tons I read and then my coupon blogs I glance at....LOL
anyhow hugs to the sweet pear lady Doris from Birgit

Chatty Crone said...

Your pears have been such a delight - so how long do they last in the glass jar?

Gizzy is so cute - such a sweet little guy.

And to answer the question - blogging feels a little more safe to me then facebook - I am a little more worried about putting my life out there on facebook. It is quick - but you really can't write all that much - they limit you! And I am chatty.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gizzy -- aren't you just the sweetest doggy EVER? What cute pictures of you.

Doris, I'm not a big fan of Facebook (especially since I got highjacked and that nasty virus came through it to my posted email address) but I think they both have their place and whatever works for you is the best solution.

Ima Weed said...

Pancakes and pears sounds like a tasty breakfast to me. I signed off on FB shortly after I signed up, like the blogs better. Gizzy seems to be getting more cute with every photo, give him a smooch for me. There is ten acres here for all our four paws to have a fun time on except right now , it is just too hot and humid out there.