Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
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Monday, July 11, 2011

North Georgia Mountains!

I know this is a bit premature, but I started Phase I of my relocation process to Blue Ridge, GA. Some of you already know that I have been thinking of moving up north for a while now. I fell in love with the area when I visited Helen. I'm a huge fan of the mountains...always have been. I feel totally at home surrounded by mountains! Even when I lived in Southern California, I spent a lot of time up at Big Bear (Mountain) and had planned at one time of moving there, but ended up here instead. (I know, what a big difference, but it's a long story...)

In a few months, our apartment complex here in Lakeland will be undergoing a big rebuilding process that requires us tenants to move out of our apartments for two to three months and then move back in. We were all guaranteed our same units back, only they'll be brand spanking new. I interpret this as my final push to proceed with my plans of moving to Blue Ridge permanently. If I'm going to be packing up anyway, why not just drive up north to stay. The apartment I'm moving into is run by the same Management company, so paperwork problems should be minimal. It will probably be handled as a transfer.

I talked with the apartment manager of the place I want to move to and mailed my application with the fee today to put me on a waiting list. They have a long waiting list, but one just never knows. Susie, the apartment manager there, said it is a very nice complex that is nestled in the mountains, located on the NC (and TN) border, surrounded by lots of trees and wildlife. She said it is a very nice place that resembles more a resort than an apartment complex. She told me about the resident bear that comes through and the snow in the winter. She said it stays cool at night and that it was cool at night even now, which was music to my ears. I yearn for snow and cool nights! I don't mind the heat, but I'm done with the humidity. It has damaged my respiratory system and I need to get out of here! I guess Gizzy can have his long coat back too, right?

A while back I talked to my friend, Bobby-Jack, about moving and he said that he would help me move. I also know a few blogging friends that I will be close enough to visit once I live there. I'm not getting any younger and moving will only become more difficult for me as time goes by, so the time is now or never.

Here's a nice website to check out the area where I will be living - eventually!

Georgia's Blue Ridge Experience

This is the blog that has all the city's activities, such as festivals, arts and crafts and I look forward to maybe participating in some of it once I move there.

The Blue Ridge Experience

And here's another blog about Fannin County where Blue Ridge is in.

Welcome to Localism

(I will be following these blogs to read up on the happenings before I get there because I want a part of the arts and crafts scene.)

While living here in Lakeland, I made a few good friends that will be my friends no matter where I live - besides, it's just a six hour ride or so away and I've got a car now. I love to drive and will drive to Blue Ridge as soon as I get a call saying that an apartment has become available, because I will probably not take the very first one. I have too many things I want or don't want. I want an end-unit (with just one neighbor attached to me.) I don't want carpeting; I don't want to be near the dumpster and I definitely do not want to live next to a smoker or someone who has a lot of smoking visitors, because I am highly allergic to cigarette, it will be quite a wait, but at least I'll have something to look forward to and who knows, maybe I'll be celebrating Christmas in the snow this year after all?

I can see myself and Gizzy walking along this brook all bundled up and enjoying the crisp, mountain air...and me trying not to slip and break one of my fake hips LOL

(all pictures courtesy of Google Image Search)

As a final note on my move: I have researched a lot of places I would love to live that include (but are not limited to) Vermont, Colorado, Utah, Michigan, California (where my daughter lives) but all of them are too far away and I can't afford to hire a moving team. Also, since the apartments are run by the same Management company, it's relatively easy for me to transfer from one to the other (other than then waiting period) and I know I'll have a nice, safe place to move into when I get there. In summary, it's the cheapest and easiest ordeal for me right now; after all, moving is always an ordeal!

P.S. Gizzy likes these treats after all. I got them on sale at Pets Mart and at first he turned his nose up, but today he likes them. Go figure!

For those of you that didn't know, Gizzy has a page on Facebook, appropriately named Gizzy's Page if you want to visit him there and "like" him to boost his morale, now that he weighs just 10.1 lbs (after the loss of all his fur!)

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Furry Bottoms said...

That is awesome-- change is sometimes very very good. I moved from Southern California myself... and I know Big Bear. And Lake Arrowhead in the mountains. They're both very beautiful places, I don't blame you for wanting to live in a place like that! Hopefully Blue Ridge will meet all your expectations.

Why does Gizzy keep looking smaller and smaller?

dottykatz said...

Blue Ridge looks beautiful. Maybe the mountains remind you of Germany? My mother was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. When they retired they moved to Big Bear from Orange County. They still love it there. Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

That is great but if you're going to move why not move to Utah? We have all the seasons and Gizzy would love it. ;-) I don't blame you for wanting to move there. It looks beautiful.

Faith said...

Something to be said for starting over....and things do work out that way don't they..sounds like perfect timing....I'm excited for you it looks beautiful, and I hope that what you want comes open soon...

AkasaWolfSong said...

Doris and Gizz...what a beautiful place to look forward to! I'm so happy for both of you! :)

Many Blessings on Your New Journey

Feisty said...

Just a lovely piece of America in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hmmmm.....husband works out of Charlotte, NC which is about 3-3.5 hours' drive from your new place. If things work out, I could deliver the Gizzy yarn in person!

Deborah said...

WOW, That looks like fun and a huge adventure. Then you go home to a brand new apartment. That sounds nice!
I liked your Christmas picture!!
I love pictures like that.

Anonymous said...

Doris, i went to college in Cleveland GA and loved the N GA mountains also. My husband, parents and I always visited Blue Ridge on Memorial Day weekend for the arts & crafts fair. We also love to drive there and Ellijay in the Autumn months to buy apples from the orchards. I know you and Gizzy will be very happy. It's a lovely place to call home.

Ann said...

From the pictures it looks like a gorgeous area. I don't care for snow but I sure wouldn't mind living around there in good weather :)
I went and liked Gizzy on facebook. He looks adorable sitting thee with his treats

Angela said...

I do hope that you get to move to the mountains in Georgia! I really hadn't thought about Georgia having mountains! I live in West Virginia and am lost without my mountains! lol I'm sure you and Gizzy will love it once you get there! It sounds like heaven to me!


Chatty Crone said...

I think that will be a great move for you in a lot of ways - but you will miss your friends - but knowing you, you will make more. Good luck to you!

Ginny said...

What wonderful news! But where will you go if you don't get one of these apartments by the time you need to go?

DaCraftyLady said...

I love the mts too, although I live in a beach area, I do have a cabin up in the local mts and go there a lot...I like the freedom of having a choice, what beautiful photos of your new in the future cabin is in Big Bear...we were just there for 5 days over the it there :) Gizzy is so cute...Debb

gin said...

that's exciting news. I'm glad your plans are coming along and you'll soon be in your new place. I saw Gizzy's Page recently. He's going to love the move too!!!

glor said...

Doris, how exciting for you. This certainly sounds like the time is now with the move out of your place any way. The pictures are just calling and your snow awaits! I wish you the best, all joy and blessings. It will be wonderful. I'm glad that we get to keep you close in blogland! Looking forward to hearing more.

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Liebe Doris,

Eine Überrasschung zu lesen das du nordlich wohnen möchtest. Hoffentlich gelingt es dir etwas passendes zu finden!
Viel Glück und alles liebe,


sprinkles said...

I "liked" Gizzy's Page on facebook. I'm Glitter Atti.

I'd considered a move to be closer to school at one time but now that my dad has passed, I think I'll stay here to be closer to my mom. Plus it's only a 45 minute drive.

Your new home is beautiful! I'm sure you'll be very happy there. That's great that you'll stay with the same management team, it should make the move much smoother.

Robin said...

Liebe Doris,
I was going to reply *auf Deutsch*, but I don't have the words for this comment...

I totally understand your wanting to move *North*. I love Mountains...there is something magical about looking out one's window and seeing them - no matter the season! If you are a "Mountain Person"...they are healing to your soul. Can't explain just *is*... I'll bet some of your "Bergen Liebe" has to do with Germany. Besonders Bayrern.
I have hiked those Bavarian Alps often and have found such beauty and inspiration there. I miss them..but am lucky to live in have mountains nearby - although I live in a City at below-sea level...

You have thought this out well - and I will keep fingers (and toes) crossed that you can move soon!

GIZZY....he looks so adorable in his *Summer Cut*....what a cutie!

Sending you both hugs across the country,


♥ Robin ♥