Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

We're still here...

...but barely! The heat started in with a blast and these triple digits temperatures we've been having for the past few weeks are wiping us out. I've been coughing and coughing till my head hurts and now my hair hurts too. I have allergies, because I was tested for asthma and didn't have it - at least not then! The only thing that works for me is Diphenhidramine HCI (Antihistamine) and of course, that makes me sleepy. Poor Gizzy has been sleeping his life away and that's how it will be for the next five months.

This morning, I took Gizzy to the park to brush out his hair since he had a shower with me yesterday morning and he needed to be brushed and clipped.

I took some photos of a dragonfly that just sat there posing for me and didn't leave for the longest time as if she knew I needed her to model for me.

I got a kick out of her because it looked to me as if she actually had a face!

Everything was nice and green, but at 8:30 am it was starting to get too hot for Mr. fluffy boy!

I always bring water no matter where I go. This is where we shared a breakfast sandwich and he got his brushing. (I saved his fur because I'm still trying to get some of it spun into yarn for a little ornament or something small.)

It was so pretty out there, but the air was so hot and miserable, I could barely get enough oxygen to breath, so we did not stay very long since I hate to see Gizzy pant so hard.

That's his "I'm so handsome, I can't stand it!" look. The white car in the background is mine. It's so nice to have one again. The air conditioning runs nice and cold, even if the engine slows down significantly when I use it, so needless to say, when I have to go uphill or accelerate at a traffic light, I have to shut the air off briefly or else I'd get honked at.

We only stayed a little while and after I got home, I  dropped Gizzy off in the air conditioned apartment, so that I could go back to the grocery store to stock up on club sodas, frozen pops and Italian ice. I have a nice, chilled watermelon in the fridge and that's going to be my diet till it cools off. Maybe I will lose some weight so all this suffering will not have been in vain.

Here's Mr. Clean all comfy in his clean and fluffy bed - that's where he stays pretty much all day, except very early in the morning when we get out for a little walk (around 6:30 am.)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

It is certainly too hot lately! I hope that you feel better soon. I've got to take my youngest (by 5 minutes, LOL) off to the allergist this week. 2 hours of testing is not going to be fun for the little guy :-(

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

What great pics you got of that dragonfly!!! And of course the one of Gizzy are beautiful. He looks so very fluffy. Sorry about your heat and how badly it affects your health. Maybe the doctor could give you something stronger to help. That must be so uncomfortable. Hope you can get a break in the heat soon.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're having so much trouble with your allergies. I hope you get some relief soon. Gizzy is so dang cute!

babymotte said...

Meine liebe Doris...
es tut mir sehr leid das es Dir nicht so gut geht...ich kenne das,denn meine kleine Emely hat auch Asthma und quält sich damit rum...
Ich drücke Dich mal von ganz weit weg ♥♥♥
Vielen lieben Dank für die tollen Bilder :O)
Lasse liebste Grüße hier,Deine Heike

Ginny said...

Gizzy is just beautiful today! I don't know how people are finding dragonflies and snapping them! Around here, they never seem to sit still, they just dart about. Your pictures are beautiful! So sorry that it is so hot now and you are miserable!!

The Beneficial Bee said...

Wow, such pretty photographs of the dragonfly, Doris!

" me " said...

such lovely pics of that libelle !

Jindi's Cottage said...

Hi Doris...was wondering just yesterday if all was OK with you...glad you beat me by posting before I emailed :)
Awesome dragonfly taking photos of insects, they are often so beautiful up close. Gizzy looks very handsome.
Hope the weather starts being a bit nicer to you so that you aren't so uncomfortable.

Ann said...

We were getting 90 degree weather and today it's dropped down to 60. Allergy season is in full swing here and I feel like my eyeballs are wrapped in sand
Gizzy is quite handsome looking. Too bad you didn't live here, Gizzy could come and cool off in Duke's pool

Beansieleigh said...

Nice pictures of the dragonfly, Doris! And Gizzy is a beautifully photogenic as ever! Like they say, if you've got it, flaunt it! It's nice that he sits so nice for pictures. Ubu can't sit still long enough, the other is too snobby to look at me when I have a camera, and Tuffy.. Well he tolerates having his picture taken. I wouldn't say he loves it! (0; Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week was VERY HOT and humid, mid 90s but feeling more like 100. All we have are fans and ice cubes, so it was a tough couple of days for everybody. By Friday, it cooled back down, and it sounds like low 80s are about as high as we're going to get for the next week! Sounds GOOD to me!!!! Hope you guys are keeping cool, and hope your allergies will clear up, or at least EASE up soon! ((hugs)) ~tina

Chatty Crone said...

You are so right - it is way too hot lately. Doris are you sure you don't have allergies - what else would make you cough like that? And did you give Gizzy a haircut - it still looks long. What a cute little guy you have.

Both of you take care of your selves.

Angela said...

It's been miserably hot here in West Virginia too! I could never live in Florida. We did go there for a few days to see if we'd like to live there and decided that was a no deal! lol There was a job offer and everything too. We ended up moving to Maryland and then back to West Virginia. I'll never move again!

That dragonfly did look like it had a face! It looked like a bug that would be on It's a Bugs Life! lol

Gizzy is handsome! And you can tell he knows it! lol Hope your allergies get better! Mine have been acting up on me too. Most allergy medicines keep me up all night and make me sleepy during the day because I can't sleep from taking them.

Have a Great Week!

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Doris,

Tell me about the heat... and drought too. We probably loose some of our plants and shrubs if this continues. But hoping that you will feel better soon. That coughing is no fun, I've had the same problem in 2007 when I had to use an asthma spray and lots of medication. Luckily since than I'm free. But your dragonfly looks like she was visiting with you and showing off her beauty! Amazing shots you got form her/him? Can't tell... but certainly they do have faces and cute ones. Most insects have big eyes.

Lots of love,


Oh, Ich habe vergessen es aufs Deutsch zu schreiben; entschuldige bitte!

Marion said...

Liebe Doris,

Dir schicke ich aus der Ferne viele liebe Grüße und hoffe, das es Dir bald wieder besser geht! Deine Bilder sind wieder wunderschön...ich liebe diese Fotos von Dir!
Gizzy sieht soooo süß aus, mein Favorit ist das Foto in dem rosa Bett...deshalb einen dicken Kuss für "Little Sweet Gizzy" von mir den Du bitte weiter gibst, okay?!

Sei ganz herzlich gegrüßt und hab noch einen schönen Tag,


Faith said...

Gizzy has the life...hope your feeling better Doris. Beautiful and green..looks are deceiving.

Mistea said...

Sure looks nice at the park, but I too don't like to be out when it is hot - Lucky for us this winter has been mostly dry so far, very nice for walking the beach.
Enjoy the air con.

gin said...

yes it is hot!!! yay for the car!! with air!!! At least you and gizzy get out for a few hours in the morning. your pictures are beautiful.

marianne said...

Ahh that Gizzy looks so comfy in his basket!!! Just want to hug him..... I know he doesn't like strangers but he will recognize a Pekingese lover when he sees one!
Strange your pictures look so fresh and crisp they don't look hot at all....... but I bet you are right.
watermelon is the thing to eat when the weather is hot .
You 2 stay cool!!!!!!


DaCraftyLady said...

Gizzy looks so pretty. And that dragonfly is beautiful isn't funny how they will sit for a long period of time. Wow you are sure having the heat..I feel for you. stay cool...Debb