Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Splish Splash

This morning I took Gizzy to Splish Splash Pet Styling, Gizzy's first grooming and he's 14 1/2 years old. Laini, the groomer, said he did really well for his first time. I was there watching the whole thing; only, he did growl at her a couple of times (sorry Laini!), but she just kept on smiling and talking to him and nobody got hurt. You can tell she really knows her dogs. She used to be a trainer/handler and is a very kind and sweet person.



In between:

Laini and Gizzy before

He's trying to be difficult with her, but she won't let him!

He wasn't happy with the clippers near his neck and ears

Lani did two clippings because Peke's have a thick undercoat. One before the bath and one after the bath to trim him up nicely! I asked for the puppy cut since it's so hot right now.

She talked to him and in this photo you can tell they really connected!

Bath time! Mommy, help me!

That wasn't so bad, Gizzy, was it?

Hang on, Gizzy - that's a powerful blow dryer!

Thank you Laini, from Splish Splash Pet Styling, for a most wonderful experience and making my boy feel so comfortable. We'll be back!

On the way home we stopped at Banks Lake Outpost to let Gizzy prance and show off his new hair cut. I can't believe he's got legs!

Back at home a few photos on the La-Z-Boy:

That's enough for one morning, Ma, I'm tired!


Extra bonus:

I got a big pile of Gizzy fur for spinning into yarn. I just have to find a kind Rumpelstiltskin to spin this for me. (with pay, of course!) Any takers?

I want to crochet a couple of Christmas balls out of Gizzy-yarn for my Christmas tree this year!


Parsley said...

Ahhh! He will feel SO much better now! We did the grooming thing for some of our little ones yesterday here at home. No razors or hair cuts but it was still a chore!

Ginny said...

Giz is adorable!! And he DOES look just like a puppy! How come you never had him groomed before and waited till now? This is my burning question. The pictures of Giz and the groomer are really special, she must really have a way with dogs, he seems to love her. The clippers, that's another matter!

pinkpaillette said...

Liebe Doris
bist du sicher, dass du nicht ein Koalabärchen erwischt hast?
Gizzi ist so süss, ich bin ganz verliebt.
Hast du gesehen, ich habe dir in meinem Blog auf deinen Kommentar wegen dem Zusammenfügen der Grannys, geantwortet.
Herzliche Grüsse, colette

Anonymous said...

Oh Gizzy, you look so handsome! My goodness who would have known? I bet you will find him more chipper now with all that hair off of him. He looks amazing.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Awwww, he looks so adorable, bet you are just hugging and cuddling him all over. He will be so much more comfortable with the heat. Our two cockapoos hated going to the groomers too, and they would both come home totally exhausted. Happy snoozing, cute Gizzy.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Janine said...

Hi hi hi, seine Sommerfrisur sieht viel luftiger aus, grad richtig für diese Temperaturen

Anke said...

He looks like a puppy again with his haircut. So cute...

Susan said...

Wow! That is a lot of hair! Sissy gets that Puppy cut too. Cooler and easy to take care of.

Cute pictures!!!

~ susan

Ann said...

Oh my gosh. Gizzy looks adorable with is new cut. He looks so much younger. Poor guy must have been wore out after all that. The groomer did a great job and she looks like she really enjoys what she's doing too.
Hope you find someone who can spin that in to yarn for you

sprinkles said...

Gizzy is such a cutie! He really does look like a puppy now!

I was half way thinking I should take my boys in to get groomed. They both hate to be bathed and the dog shampoo I have doesn't seem to wash the dirt off them although it does make them smell better at least.

I figure it'd be worth it to just let someone else do all the work and to clean up afterwards. Plus they'd hopefully clip their nails. I clipped Chico's front paws today and he fought with all his might. For such a tiny dog, he sure is a strong little bugger!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh Doris - he is the cutest thing on four legs - I LOVE - LOVE - LOVE his haircut! He looks so handsome and so much cooler for the summer. You went to an excellent groomer. He looks like a puppy again. Does he like it?

glor said...

Oh my goodness, how cute is Gizzie in his summer do. He's just one adorable little guy!

Val said...

How sweet! He is so precious! I am so glad that I found you again. Computer issues and lost a lot of my info. I have been wanting to let you know about my crocheting class. I am so excited.

TeriRN said...

She does have a way with animals, ever since she was a little girl. She could be a female Pied Piper. My favorite story of Heather (Laini) is when she groomed horses. She was grooming and massaging this one horse and he fell asleep on her shoulder. She has had dogs and cats banned from the chain stores come to her and she has been able to make them into calm animals that like grooming. Gizzy looks awesome.

Karin said...

Wieder Mal ein schoener Besuch bei Dir, am See entlang, mit dem Sonnenblumen Rezept, und Heute im Doggy Beauty Salon. Fuehle mich ganz erholt!!

Piappies World said...

Hello Gizzy!

You looks so adorable!!! The groomer girl really took good care of you and your furs.

we missed you while we were on break but we are back and we hope to see more of you too.

Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai, Wai-Max & Forgie

Marion said...

Liebe Doris,

Du kannst sooo stolz auf diesen so unglaublich süßen Fratz sein!
Sieht aus wie ein Welpe und wirklich zum "fressen" süß!
Drück Gizzy ganz doll von mir und einen dicken Kuss für seine Ruhe und Ausdauer beim Friseur!

Ich schicke Euch beiden viele liebe Grüße und wünsche Euch noch eine schöne Woche,


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

He looks SO much cooler! I shave my cats in the summer.

gin said...

That was an experience for both of you. He does have legs, haha! I like GIZZY'S puppy-cut.

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Liebe Doris,

Gizzy ist sogar STOLZ am ende! Wie er da guckt! Bstimmt wird er den Unterschied merken mit diese Temperaturen.
Lieber Gruss,


Mindy said...

Aww! So tiny under all that! =D Cute!!

The Beneficial Bee said...

Oh my gosh, Doris! That was adorable!