Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Looking pretty in the garden

My Gizzy boy
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My boy, Gizzy, sitting in the garden looking photogenic (as usual!) It's 100 degrees in the shade out there and it's after 6 pm. Honestly, joke's over....we've had just about enough of this already!

My boy's sleeping his life away! We do get up at 6 am every morning and walk, but this morning, especially, after just a few feet, I was soaking wet. I've been bringing a towel with me and we don't even walk very fast. Heck, today, Gizzy didn't walk but a few feet and then wanted to get back up on the rollator/walker so I could push him around the lake, which he did enjoy!

We are so ready for Autumn!


Julia said...

Hi Doris! I feel your pain this week, as the temps here were 110 yesterday and 105 today. I welcome winter and the change in weather.

Bingo has been lying around like he was in a coma on the grass. Everybody is slothful and tired. NIght feel so refreshing with the cool air drifting down... Sorry you are not getting quite the same relief though.

Winter will come... in time. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Your description of the heat made me pick up my iced tea and have a big cold swig. I wouldn't last long in that kind of heat. Here's wishing you cooler days ahead.

glor said...

Oh Doris, you must come visit ... 100 degrees in the shade there ... far too hot. We're humid but much cooler. Hope a beautiful day for you tomorrow. Have a nice evening.

Samantha G said...

I am ready too! earlier this afternoon it was cloudy and windy and 76 and I felt like I needed a jacket... but I was so glad! Then the sun came out and I think it went up past 85, yuck!

Tell Gizzy that as of August 11 (according the the Farmer's Almanac), the "dog days" of summer are officially over, so hopefully soon he can look forward to the cooler weather! :)

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We are getting just a bit of a break this week. So far three great days, getting a little warmer tomorrow and the weekend, but a far cry from what we had.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Chatty Crone said...

Imagine walking around the lake in a fur coat! Some people are blogging about autumn already - not quite here yet.

Baby it's hot outside!


Karin said...

Oh, wow, I do wish you cooler weather soon - for people and pooches alike!

sprinkles said...

It's still hot here too. I've noticed it's cooling down in the evenings now which it didn't really do before.

Poor little Gizzy, being covered in fur, I'm sure it hits him twice as hard.

Anke said...

I'm so sorry it's still so hot there during the day. After a while it really does get old. Hopefully it'll start cooling down some soon and you and Gizzy will be able to go for some nice walks again.

Ginny said...

Awww! And just imagine wearing a coat of fur as well! I hope you have central air!

The Beneficial Bee said...

Oh my gosh, the heat is just killing me too. At least we don't have the unbearable humidity. I feel bad that you have to walk with a towel!

Babydoll1962 Kreativ Ecke said...

Mensch , was für eine Plage sooo Heiß
Bei uns fängt schon wieder das Herbstwetter an. Die letzten zwei Tage haben wir schon richtige Herbststürme gehabt. Heute haben wir 14 Grad, bibber!
Kein wunder das der kleine Schatz micht laufen mag. Bei mir läuft zur Zeit ein Blogcandy vielleicht hast Du ja Lust mitzumachen!
Ich drücke dir die Daumen das es kühler wird.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Dear Doris and Gizz...I so hope cool weather finds its way to you soon! It cannot be good for either one of you and poor Gizz! I worry about you my furry friend!

Do stay in where it is cool and I will continue to pray for cool breezes to make their way to you Both!

I woke up to fifty degrees here and it is much loved by this old girl but we are going back up in temps this weekend and so I will be stuck inside again. :( Autumn will be here soon and that is what I keep telling myself...

Blessings and Much Love Doris and Giz!

becky said...

Woosh, that's hot!! I remember one summer I lived in Fresno, Ca, & it was 104 at night! We've had some really cool evenings in Santa Fe & even the days have cooled down. Back home in San Diego- they've got temps over 100 inland!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Doris.. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear the heat is still so miserable. It's been cool here, I'm grateful to say, but they say it's gonna heat back up towards 90 again, so we'll see. We can tell around here though that the worse SEEMS to probably be over with now, so hopefully the same will happen soon for you too! I'm crossing my fingers for you and Gizzy!.. Meanwhile, can't wait to see your little froggies! They ARE fun to make aren't they?! ~tina

the booker man said...

miss doris,
we are soooo ready for fall at my house, too!! i wanna go campin'!
the booker man

Susan said...


Gizzy is pretty there...:-) From the looks of the temps you have posted, it sure is hot.

Alaska was great!!! Nice and cool... But since parts of Alaska is in the rain forest... we also had some rain / drizzle. Windy too.