Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Autumn!

Autumn is a very exciting time, a time of transformation, preparation and profound changes as is evidenced by the brilliant colors of the foliage. Animals are preparing for the winter by storing food or migrating to another place to live. Speaking of migration, the Monarch Butterfly embarks every year on a 2,000 mile journey from Canada to Mexico. Imagine, that tiny creature flying all that way - some of which may be right outside your backyard at this very moment. You can track the Monarch's migration, if you like, and here'a a link that tells you how: Monarch Butterfly - Journey North (go to Fall Migration) I recently photographed this lovely Golf Fritillary butterfly near my apartment and, who knows, maybe he's on his way to Mexico right now too. I have been seeing a lot of butterflies lately, reminding me of a film I saw on Nova (PBS) a while back about the butterflies' amazing migration. It left such a powerful impression that I want to share it with you. It's a magnificent journey, an awe-inspiring, absolutely spectacular event. I never knew what those tiny creatures go through every year. I always enjoyed and admired the butterflies, but now I respect them even more. Do yourself a favor and follow the 2,000-mile migration of Monarchs to a sanctuary in the highlands of Mexico: The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies The trees in front of my apartment are still green, and probably will remain so for quite some time. Although autumn officially started on the calendar, I live in Southern Georgia where summers tend to last a bit longer than what I'm accustomed to. I associate fall with squash and pumpkins (one of my favorites) and homemade vegetable soup after a long walk in the crisp morning air. I think of baked bread and apfelstrudel, the scent of apple-cinnamon potpourri and making handmade gifts for family and friends in anticipation of Christmas. What about you? This is what I'm hoping to see again this year. My dog, Gizzy's just like a little kid. He loves to walk through the rustling leaves and sit smack dab right in the middle of them, like in this last year's photo: ...something to look forward to and blog about later! Happy Autumn everyone! Here's another little autumn memory: Me, standing in an apple orchard. I went apple picking with some friends during a visit to Maine a few years ago.


Samantha G said...

Thank you for putting such a positive spin on Autumnm... its arrival is making me feel depressed, as the winter here seemed soooo very long. I looked forward to spring and summer forever it seemed, and they were here and then gone before I knew it!

I have been trying to think of the good things about fall and winter, so thanks for making a post all about them!

Bearly Sane said...

Beautiful thoughts of Autumn Doris. I can almost smell that Apple and Cinnamon and I adore apfelstrudel with a lovely dollop of fresh cream on top! YUMMY!!
Hugs to you and Gizzy.

Anonymous said...

Aww, beautiful butterfly! I have not seen even one in my neighborhood all summer, I love that you can go outside and capture them for those of us that aren't on the migration path!!

Bearly Sane said...

Back again, this time I have an award for you here if you'd like to accept it.
I realize that some bloggers are "Award Free" and rules sometimes must give way to practicality. So, even if you can't play along please accept this award and my sincere belief that you deserve it.

gwengoods said...

I enjoy autumn too, just waiting for the temperatures to get cooler, and I noticed some of the leaves are changing. I still enjoy collecting leaves placing them under paper and coloring their prints.

Debbie Pearson said...

love this time of year when the butterflies are migrating too! It makes the gardens look that much more spectacular.

Thank you for always stopping by to say hi and leaving comments on our blog. We SO love them. Hugs to you. Debbie

Freda Marie said...

Doris your pictures and message related to autumn are beautiful.
I am also guessing your a champion cook after looking at some of those recipes.

Sarah said...

Beautiful pix! I love autumn! It's so bittersweet, haunting and exhilarating!