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Gizzy in Heaven!
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Honey Bee Research is No. 1 on my list

Many of you already know that human overpopulation, habitat destruction, pollution, and global warming are driving species extinct at a catastrophic rate, but most people don't. Extinction is the most serious, irreversible impact humans have on the planet -- extinction is forever. These days, three species go extinct every hour. I know pollinators have been disappearing for decades - but this new phenomenon called CCD has never been seen before. The honey bee is the most important pollinator because the honey bee can be domesticated and transported to pollinate crops on a grand scale. The bees are responsible for every 3rd bite of food we eat and for a third of the plant life. If you look out the window, and imagine one third of all vegetation gone, then that's what it will be like if the bee vanishes for good. We certainly can't save the children of the world nor the polar bear, for instance, if we can't even feed ourselves or end up having to pay $50 for an apple since we have to hand pollinate our crops because there are no more bees. Unless we want to live on wheat, corn, soy and rice, we'd best find a way to figure out how to keep our bees alive and well. We need them more than they need us. Albert Einstein once said that “If bees were to disappear off the surface of the earth, mankind would have but four years to live... no bees, no plants, no animals, no man" and I don't want to be around when that happens. If you are a skeptic and don't want to believe me, perhaps you will listen to the experts in this documentary that aired on PBS/Nature which raised my concern for our honey bees. I've always appreciated the bee, but now I try to inform and teach others about the bee's dilemma and CCD in hopes to make a positive impact on a small scale. Here's the movie that got me all riled up over our disappearing honey bees: Silence of the Bees (PBS/Nature) For those of you that like to read, let me recommend some interesting books that might enlighten you and get you inspired to share this information with others: A World Without Bees Robbing the Bees A Spring without Bees And while there is a lot of information available on the Internet about CCD and the bees, I want to mention one blog that has always amused me. It's truthful, albeit a bit harsh and sometimes crude (as the name suggests), so it's not for the meek and timid (view at your own risk!) HOLY SHIT THE BEES ARE ALL DEAD I think that's enough food for thought for now. I will leave you with pictures of some of my crocheted (and knitted) bees. Sometimes I like to raise honey bee awareness in a silly way! B2 is unhappy because he wasn't there and now he's, well, square! Hap B is my knitted honey bee doll Sassy Bee is a cute little pin/brooch for your lapel, scarf, hat or purse...or anywhere you want. Buzz, the Spiffy Caller found a new home. He's a one of a kind Valentine's bee shelf sitter whose new owner's name I stitched on the heart. She loves him, says hubby who purchased this bee for his wife. This decorative bee throw pillow would cheer up a child's room or a breakfast nook, for instance. Sunflower hat with Beatrice bee, an autumn assemble. Last, but not least, is my little Patriotic Bee. He can just hang around and look cute. PLEASE NOTE: all my crocheted and knitted bees are OOAK originals by me and are for sale. Take a look at my Honey Bee Crochet by SturmDM Etsy shop and let me know if you want something specially made for you.


Bearly Sane said...

Hi Doris!
You have been a busy little bee yourself crocheting all those!
Thanks for the info leads.
Warmest hugs,

Glo said...

love the bees and I love honey!

Dori the potato dish with spinach is so easy

buy some baby spinach and a can of Delmonte potatoes and a small thing of minced garlic..

get out your skillet, add a dab of olive oil and salt, pepper and a bit of garlic and brown up those potatoes..then top the potatoes with the spinach....yeah throw it right on top and then sprinkle with a bit of water...just run your hand under water and flick it a few times over your spinach...cover for a few mins and wella your got it a poor Italians meal! And it is good for you!

Doris Sturm said...

Thanks, Glo, the best is always the simplest in my book - I like my food relatively untampered with ;-) I'm having this for dinner tonight!

Glo said...

Dori enjoy the potato and spinach and mushrooms are a added bonus.

I love crunch too.....that reminded me I forgot to get carrots!

Feisty said...

I'm hoping to have a hive on the property by the spring. Hopefully, I'll be a good enough beekeeper that the little dudes will survive and prosper here.

gwengoods said...

Doris thank you for your insight, we love bees and honey, it is one of Orla's favorite medicines.

gin said...

I like honeybees as long as they are not on me. Your bee creations are so cute.