Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

What has the new year in store for you?

Happy New Year 2012!

Do you have any plans, goals or (God forbid!) resolutions for the year 2012? I'd like to hear about it.

I"m starting out my year with a bang and am giving Weezie "the works" by taking her to the Vet on the 3rd for blood work (including a thyroid check), heart worm test, then a dental (and probably some extractions) and a chest x-ray to see about her heart and a picture of her throat while she's sedated from the dental...she's probably never had a dental and I know her teeth are bothering her. She can't chew hard food which is why she was underweight when I got her. She's gained over two pounds since she's been living with me (10/15/11) and now she's probably at her normal weight at 12.4 lbs. She's a bit bigger than Gizzy and has a different body structure and she's just as sweet as can be. Bless her for having so much patience with her pesky Romeow cat!

After that, I have some medical needs of my own, i.e. eye doctor, dentist - and that's a biggie. I've not been to the dentist for years and will probably need a bunch, but my biggest obstacle will be two things 1) packing and moving into another unit, because our apartments are being refurbished from the ground up and we'll have to relocate for two to three months into anther unit or another location.

2) My next biggest challenge will be undergoing the new Hep C treatment that was approved for 2012 and is supposed to be more effective than the old one but since it still causes severe anemia, depression and change in appetite and vomiting, I will have to wait till I can pack before starting those injections that I have to give myself (...and I hate, hate, hate needles) ... so that will be something I'll need courage to work myself up to...and will probably try to post pone. I have another appointment with me GI at which time I'll try to negotiate stalling...(can you blame me?)

And, if by the end of the year I have any strength and money left, then maybe - I can actually plan on flying to Germany. I've not seen my family in Germany since 2004 and my dad turned 84 in Decmeber and my mom turned 85 in December. Both are in good health and spirits, but at that age one just never knows...

One good thing, though, when I go through that miserable, God-forsaken Hep C treatment, I will probably lose a lot of weight, so that I can fit into one of those dinky, tiny airplane seats again for when I fly to Germany...and if not Germany, I could maybe fly at least to California (which is probably equally as far in distance) to see my daughter, Christie, whom I've not seen since I moved to Georgia seven or eight years ago. See how quickly time flies? One minute you just arrived and are uncertain of how long you can stand it, next thing you turn around to find yourself planted here for nearly a decade.

Your turn! What is on  your agenda for 2012?

Here's a little Romeow video I took a couple of days ago:


AkasaWolfSong said...

Doris...I know I owe you a phone call and I's just been busy here.

So good to hear you are starting on your Hep C know you have to do it so remember "I CAN!"
:) I'd be the same as you with the needles. I hate them! But we do what we can Sister to stay healthy...your fur babies need you!
And we do too!

I've no plans for the new year...I don't make resolutions or goals is busy enough. The only thing I concentrate on is being passionate about spreading kindness and love. What else is there?

I do hope you can make a trip to see your Dad...I know what a joyous reunion that would be for you. I'll send up good thoughts for you to make that happen!

Romeow and Weezie are adorable and I know they have the best home ever with you!

I love you Sister and am sending you lottsa (((Big Hugs))) !!!

Ann said...

the one thing I want to accomplish this year is to get things simplified and organized around here. I've been so bad about things.

Ruth said...

Hi Doris I plan to work on UFO quilting projects and get them off my plate. Hope to work on eating healthier and starting exercise more. My big plan is to find a full time job again since hopefully this year I will not have to deal with cancer. I go back in March for my 6 month mammo and breast exam. You can do the Hep C shots think positively. That's all I'm going to try and work on. Have a good new year.

Karin said...

That will be a lot of changes for you and I pray that you'll have strength for each new day. Would surely hate the injections - ugghhhhh! You are definitely into setting goals and that's more than I can say for us this year. One day at a time, sweet Jesus! Sure hope that you can visit your parents - maybe your daughter can meet you there!!

Ima Weed said...

So much already to be done in the new year and I hope all goes well for you. Romeow is great when the camera is rolling, know he has to give you some good laughs.

Robin said...

Your two Furry Ones are precious! Wheezie has had so much to contend with - yet he is is Romeow....they both have had an unhappy beginning in they have a WONDERFUL, LOVING Mutti....and they will thrive and grow to become as happy and content as Gizzy was.

I am HAPPY YOU are beginning to take care of YOU! This is paramount to a fulfilling life for all three of you! I am saying prayers you get to visit your parents in Bayern!

It's good, strong, positive step for you, liebe Doris!!!!

Sending all three hugs ,

♥ Robin ♥

sprinkles said...

I posted my resolutions today. I snagged them from someone else but I figure they're ones I need to improve on too.

Didn't realize you have Hep C. My neighbor has it. I don't think he does anything for it other than taking herbs. I used to also be friends with someone who has it. She was telling me about some of the treatments she's had and they sounded horrific!

I really need to go to the dentist and eye dr. too. Especially the dentist. I found a place where if you're low income, you pay on a sliding scale. Just need to call and make an appt.

I hope that you'll get to visit with your parents. It would be nice if you could also make a trip out to visit your daughter too. I'm going to hope that you'll get to see them all this year.

Chatty Crone said...

Doris - I am going to try to live in the present this year. My only goal. sandie

Mom2fur said...

Happy New Year! I don't make New Year's resolutions. I feel it's better to do that when you feel the time is right, not by a calendar date. So when you feel the time is right to start the Hep C plan, you will know it.
It's a good thing to get the dentist out of the way. I, too, put it off for years. At the very least, they can give you a nice cleaning. I had some work done last year, but still need much done--like replacing the 5 I have missing. It's getting hard to chew, LOL! Hmmm, makes me think of your doggie. I'm glad Weezie has gained weight. You are doing so right by her. I hope her test results come out well.
Good luck with all you have to do!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doris,
I am your newest follower. I was guided to your blog by my dear friend Chatty Crone. Happy new year to you too. I do not have any resolutions for this year though.
Have a great day! Greetings from Ireland.


Janine said...

Hallo Doris,
ich hoffe du hattest ein schönes Sylvesterfest und das neue Jahr bringt dir Glück und Gesundheit.
Mit ein bisschen Glück kannst du mein Neujahr- Giveaway gewinnen. Du bist herzlich eingeladen mitzumachen.

glor said...

Doris, wishing you blessings in this New year and hope that all your treatments and medical needs are quickly done and over with. Sending prayers and hugs to you. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Doris, I hope this year is good for you and your heart begins to heal from your loss. You are a wonderful fur mom, God bless you...Sarah from Texas

gin said...

How are you Doris? I like looking back at your blog at the pictures of Gizzy. I hope you are keeping yourself busy and doing things you want to do. I do hope you are doing better each day while you are missing Gizzy.