Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Houseplants that purify your air!

This is the Rubber Plant one year ago (July 2010)  - and this is the Rubber Plant now!

...and now one with Gizzy!

I'm proud to say that this plant doubled in height and filled out nicely with healthy, shiny leaves. I transplanted it into a bigger pot and it seems to have enjoyed its new environment. Today, I took some milk and used cotton balls to clean off the leaves making them nice and shiny, but now I can see that I missed a few on the bottom (ooops!) I got that plant when it was small from a neighbor who had it sitting out back all spindly and forlorn. When I spotted it, I told her that I've always wanted a Rubber Plant (hint-hint) so she gave it to me. I'm glad it likes it here.

Did you know that you can purify your air in your home and office naturally with certain houseplants? This is especially useful for asthma sufferers. Well, the Rubber Plant is one of them. The Peace Lily and Boston Fern also belong to that group of air purifying plants. I also have those as well. I don't have a lot of light in here, so I put them out on my front porch periodically to let them get their fill of sunshine. They seem to be doing well, but in the winter, I will keep them inside.

My Peace Lily has all but died one winter when I failed to put her inside, but there was one little green sprout remaining in the center, so I transplanted it and fertilized it and it came back bigger than before. This summer it bloomed continually.

This Boston Fern is my newest addition. I received it from another neighbor recently who didn't want to bother with it anymore and I'm so glad to have it. (I see where she has cut some of the top fronds, something I will not be doing.)

(This fern is almost too big for my small apartments, but I love it!)

Here's that website for you to read about the other air purifying plants you can get to help you breathe better.

Web Ecoist - Going Beyond Green

Before I leave, Gizzy wanted to give a smiling Daisy to all of his fans because he just loves the ladies ;-)

All the best Wishes for a happy and blessed weekend!


Ima Weed said...

Gizzy is giving that leaf some intense attention. And you just saved the life of a peace lily, I was about to toss one. I too have a huge fern but it can't come inside for the winter, there is no room. Hope your weekend is lovely.

Angela said...

All your plants look just beautiful! I especially like the rubber plant. Do you have to water it alot or is it like the aloe plant where you don't have to water it much at all? I had a nice plant that died on me. I think it didn't get enough light. I used to dust it with the banana peels. It worked wonderfully! Gizzy is so cute!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Ginny said...

What big lush plants! You really have a green thumb! And you also must have a pretty big apartment! I have a large Peace Plant.

Ann said...

That first picture just made me smile. Gizzy looks like he's not happy about something there. That rubber plant grew well. I never had one of those but I did have one of those peace lilies. I've always loved boston ferns. Thank Gizzy for the adorable daisy. he's such a sweetheart and Duke sends his best to both of you

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Liebe Doris,

Sehr tolle Zimmerpflanzen habt ihr beide! Gizzy will not eat them I guess. Some varieties are highly toxic for pets.
That previous owner of your fern must have practices on it as if giving it a 'haircut'... Awful.
Oh, ich merke erst jezt das ich wieder aufs english schreibe. Komisch aber geht automatisch.
Ja, die Handschuhe habe ich selber gehäkelt, im ersten Jahr wo ich in der USA kam von Magic Crochet Magazine. Ich wollte unbedingt auch die englische Beschreibung 'schaffen' und wie du gesehn hast, es ist gelungen. Die Seiten Streifen auf der Hand, somit die Blumen sind gehäkelt worden 'um'einen dickeren Faden herum. Es war 'challenging and more for experienced' aber ich war so stolz das es mir gelungen ist. Die Taschentücher sind auch alle mit DMC, das feinste Garn gehäkelt. Ich weiss noch das mit den breiten Rand brauchte etwa 14 Stunden. Die erste Runde ist am schwierigsten weil alles genau ausgezählt werden soll und die Löcher sollen ja reichen oder ab und zu zwei Stiche in einem Loch... Die zweite Runde geht schon ganz schnell.
Habt noch einen schönen Sonntag und alles liebe,


Chatty Crone said...

Oh Doris - that rubber plant grew huge! You have a green thumb and I have a black one. I know plants are good for us.

Gizzy is so sweet.

Debi Y. said...

The plants looks nice and healthy. I just love Gizzy - he makes me smile. :)

glor said...

Yes, that's a green thumb you have, for sure. You've restored those plants to health. They are beautiful.

gin said...

Your green thumb is hard at work. The plants look great. Hope your gout/arthritis is doing better. Take care of Gizzy!!