Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another beautiful day in March

Last night I finally cooked up my last batch of frozen blueberries that I picked last summer and mixed them with some cranberries that I had stashed in the freezer.

I simply added some water, a little sugar and lemon rind to cook a tasty, tangy compote that I spooned over my pancake this morning instead of syrup:

Tasted great with coffee after my morning's walk with Gizzy!

Close to midnight last night, I heard this rustling outside my living room window, so I opened the door when I spotted the Armadillo in the bushes by my front porch digging up the dirt and chomping on morsels.

That's the best I could do, considering it was pitch black outside and I couldn't see exactly where I was aiming ... besides I was too chicken to go closer towards him since the last thing I wanted was to startle a wild animal, no matter how docile it may seem.

This morning was nice and cool, so Gizzy and I went for our walk around 8 am and we met up with some friends and I took a lot more photos, so I hope you will enjoy them:

I've lived here six years already and am still fascinated with the Spanish Moss. Morning light adds an additional dimension that gives everything an enchanted and sort of romantic look.

The view walking down the hill towards the lake...

A bird condo way up high on a tall post - safe from the roaming kitty cats!

looking up into the old Live Oak tree laden with Spanish Moss

Everything is bursting into bloom. The trees near the entrance of the Nature Trail are showing their pretties to entice the busy bees to come and visit.

With still so many bare branches, the early bloomers are bound to steal the show...

...and the Caroline Jessamine (Jasmine) is no exception! 

This is one of my favorites! I have a small piece in a bud vase sitting in my open kitchen window right now; each gentle breeze drifts a heavenly whiff of the fragrant, yellow blossoms. 

I find that there's something unassuming and innocent about the scent of a spring blossom that transporst me back to my childhood and memories of field trips in the woods.

Doesn't this photo of Gizzy look phony? To me it looks as if it had a fake back drop. Earlier this morning, the lake was perfectly still, reflecting everything in its water like a mirror.

I just now enlarged that photo and noticed how dirty Gizzy is...the grass was still wet from dew and him being so short, he's a regular mop...and what is he looking at? It looks like he's watching some crawly thing in his path, doesn't it?

If you were suffering from a stiff neck today and were unable to look up, you'd only have to look down into the water to see the sky!

Lucky me, came upon a Wood Stork busily stalking his breakfast. His massive beak poked in and out of the water as I watched him swallow several morsels.

He must've found a good spot because he seemed preoccupied enough for me to sneak up a bit closer.

New, green tips on a tree overhanging the water near a little boat ramp.There are no motor boats allowed on Lake Irma, but you can use a paddle boat or row boat, anything that does not pollute the water with gasoline.

If anyone knows the name of that bush, I would be interested in finding out, please!

A Bald Cypress (or Swamp Cypress) standing in Lake Irma.

What is sitting on the little peninsula? Looks like Mr. Wood Stork and a white Egret...

Sure enough: A Great Egret (L) and Mr. Wood Stork

This is as close as I got before the Egret flew off, leaving Mr. Wood Stork sitting by himself.

He didn't seem to mind on such a glorious morning!

I turn around to see Gizzy watching me as I had to sneak up on the birds using trees and a trash can to hide behind. 

On the home stretch, I enjoy some more Camellias.

If anyone knows the name of these pink or lavender blooming trees, please let me know. I think they are just magnificent:

Near my apartment we find more blooming Bradford Pear (or Callery Pear) trees that I love so much:

That's where I live - the tree is at my back door!

Right below the white "snow" glory, is my back door and I go inside feeling snug as a Hobbit in my little corner of the world. I know that I'm blessed and often feel that I don't deserve it, but I'm so thankful to have my eyes to see God's beauty every day!

Thanks for coming along. I hope you enjoyed our walk together!


Beverooni said...

Thank you, Doris, for taking me along on your walk this morning. It did, however, give me even more spring fever than I already have. How beautiful! You are so lucky to live where you do (until the heat strikes that is). Oh, and keep that armadillo away from me. They give me the heebie-jeebies.

Mindy said...

The fruit looks delicious!
The armadillo was hilarious.
The walk was beautiful.
Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Why I love spring!!!! Just gloriously beautiful photos - bet you really enjoyed that walk.

An armadillo??? Seriously? That would really freak me out.

Chatty Crone said...

Doris - you are in southern GA -aren't you - I love all those different kinds of foilage.

You sure you want to move and give that up?

Your pictures are breathe taking as usual.

It looks like a lovely place where you live.

The fruit looked good.

Gizzy is so cute.

And that armadillo - well...

Happy Wednesday to you.


marianne said...

Wow Doris!
What a stunning environment you and Gizzy live in!!!
And it's spring where you are!
Lucky you.
Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Ginny said...

Wow wow wow!! So many beauriful and wonderous things to comment on that I know I'll leave something out, but believe me I saw it ALL!! You are really making up for all the posts you didn't do!! First, the berries in the pot, all the reflections around the sides of the pot, so artistic! I've never seen a wood stork, what a treat! Do you see how his knees bend backwards from the way ours do? I'm amazed you got such good shots of the armadillo as it was so dark. Whhch color is the jasmine, the yellow? The spanish moss does look so romantic, and the reflections are beautiful. Giz must have thought you were crazy hiding behind trees and trashcans! I'd have loved to see that!!! I do the same thing myself. People would think we were fools, no one would know what we were doing except other photographers. It's too bad you must move from such a beautiful place with so much wildlife.

Ann said...

Not only did you start the day with a delicious looking breakfast but then you had a fabulous walk. The pictures are all gorgeous. thanks for taking us along.
I probably would have kept my distance with the armadillo too :)

Clara said...

What a beautiful trail of photos from your adventure with Gizzy. The cranberries with blueberries sounds delicious.

Karin said...

This was a fantastic walk! Your 'Kompott' looks delicious on those pancakes! What gorgeous trees and blossoms you have where you live. That one bush looks to me like the honeysuckle we have up here! Don't know what the other round flower is though. Enjoy your spring! We've still got winter!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Doris! Oh my gosh, do those pancakes look GOOD! Wish I could have HAD some, but I definitely enjoyed the walk. It was a wonderful escape from the bitter cold we still have here today! I really am TRYING to be patient for Spring to come!.. I REALLY AM! (0; Have a good night! ~tina

Vickie said...

oh wow I sure needed that exercise,sheesh you walk fast...what a joy..hmm now I'll sit back and dream of them pancakes hmmmmm,cheers Vickie

Faith said...

Doris, beautiful, beautiful , fragrance in the air must be amazing...the lake stunning.

glor said...

And thanks for taking me along on your walk. Your pictures are so beautiful. You brings smiles to my face as I read your post. You are one brave gal ... going out and getting a pic of that armidillo! I don't think I could have done that.

gin said...

yes, Doris, I always enjoy these walks to the lake with you and Gizzy. What an absolutely beautiful spring morning.

Keetha Broyles said...

Hmmmm - - - wonder if your cranberries grew right here in our central Wisconsin county - - - 60% of the US cranberries do!

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

Oh how I love your walks, we are having cools days but the sun is peeping through which is so good.
best wishes Julie.C

Krafty Max Originals said...

Thank you for being such a wonderful blogger. I received this award from a blogger who thought I was doing a good job, and now I am passing it on to you. Please read about it and pass it along to those who you think are wonderful too! ~KM

AkasaWolfSong said...

I just love coming here to take morning walks with you and Giz, Doris. I am so in love with all of your water pics and especially those that showcase the birds! The Woodstork and Egret are phenominal! I'd love to showcase one of them on my header for HeartSongs some time with your permission of course! Creator's waters always glimmer with such aliveness don't they?
I don't think the Armadillo would have done anything to you but roll up in a ball as they are wont to do, lol. Better to play it on the safe side though.
Thanks for such a peaceful walk through your sacred lands...
Sending you much love and lots of peace and give my Gizz a big old hug please?

Kerrie said...

Everything is so beautiful in bloom and your photos of the wood stork are wonderful! Luv you and Gizzy! Kerrie

the booker man said...

miss doris,

holy cow, that pancake with the berries on top looked so yummy delish!
i can't believe you had an armadillo come visit! that's totally awesome! do you want to hear a funny story? one time my mama was campin' in arkansas, and in the middle of the night, an armadillo ran into her tent. it scared the poopie out of her! heehee.
thankies for sharin' another super duper pretty walkie! mama says those pinky flowers look like cherry blossoms.

the booker man