Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
I love you forever and ever, Amen!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Softie Swap, Halloween Potholders and Banks Lake

Today, I am posting for the first time via Windows Live Writer because Blogger is not cooperating – or maybe it’s my computer’s problem.

I participated in the “Send me a Softie” swap hosted by Vanessa of The Clip Cafe Blog. My swap partner, Caryn from Smooch Designs has sent me these lovely items all the way from Australia.

One of her newest creations, a Wacky Bird:


A red paisley Happy Hippo:


and a painting of an image what looks to me like Gizzy with a lovely lady that must be his auntie because I don’t look that pretty … nor young. Doesn’t that little critter smile just like Gizzy?


I also finished up a couple of silly Halloween potholders that could also be used as hot pads, doilies, dish cloths or wall hangings to decorate for Halloween.

Witchy potholder


Batty Potholder:


Both are for sale in my Etsy shop here: Honey Bee Crochet by SturmDM

Our friend and neighbor, Terri, took Gizzy and me to Banks Lake at dusk last night where we walked half way down the Nature Trail - till Terri got spooked about possible alligators – so we turned around. On the boardwalk I encountered an interesting caterpillar:


We sat and enjoyed the breeze and watched as the boats came in for the evening:


Gizzy enjoyed himself just being outside and having a change of scenery:


It was starting to get dark and we left relatively unharmed as there seemed to be very little mosquitoes out last night:


And this concludes my first post via Windows Live Writer. I must say this is very easy and so much better than using Blogger…anyone who wants to try this, you won’t be disappointed.


asadisae said...

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Ginny said...

I love the Wacky Bird, and had to go on her website and leave a comment! That IS a picture of you and Giz, right? So cool...and your pictures at the lake are so good. I thought you were kidding about the caterpillar. It looked like something crocheted to me, but upon enlarging, it really is a caterpillar!!

Clara said...

Gee Doris,
Thanks for the Windows writer idea--even though I'm not having problems I may try it anyway. Giz is back up to snuff I see. Lovely potholders.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Ha, we too thought that caterpillar was crocheted:)

Do you know if Windows Live Writer would work on a Mac?

~Niki~ said...

i don't know what that windows writer is. hmmm. interesting. love the potholders! gizzy is precious.

San-Dee said...

Nice photos! Gizzy sure looks happy, is he feeling better? I love the witch and ghosts, you're doing suce cute stuff!

meeyeehere said...

I love the Hippo and all the cute things you make! Doris,you are my favorite person I have met in the bloggy world.I just said so on a comment you left me on my blog.I think you are maybe an angel!

sprinkles said...

That little hippo is cute and the catapiller is pretty.

Great pictures!

Chatty Crone said...

I thought the caterpillar was yarn too. And that is a picture of you and Gizzy. You are young and beautiful.

I have no idea what window writers is????


PS My kids had hippos like that when they were little - my mom made them.

The Beneficial Bee said...

Oh my gosh Doris, your Halloween potholders are sooo adorable!

becky said...

Oh the Batty is cute! & Gizzy looks so happy by the water! Looks like you two have fun!