Gizzy in Heaven!

Gizzy in Heaven!
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Today we remember: Pearl Harbor

The attack on Pearl Harbor (or Hawaii Operation, Operation Z, as it was called by the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters) was an unannounced military strike conducted by the Japanese navy against the United States' naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on the morning of Sunday, December 7, 1941 (Hawaiian time, December 8 by Japan Standard Time), which resulted in the United States becoming militarily involved in World War II.  (read more here.)


Jacque said...

Yes, let's remember. I had 2 uncles stationed there but they were fortunate enough to survive the attack. They have since passed away but never forgot the haunting experience! good ever comes of it!

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I am so far behind with my reading and posting. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Yes Doris, I had three uncles in the armed services. One in the South Seas but not Pearl Harbor. I have been watching a BBC series on Netflix Foyle's War about England in 1940 and it is so great to see how folks were living and then remembering the same time in my own country. Tomorrow is The feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I am glad we are friends with Japan now. War is such a terrible thing, a dividing of brothers.

Doris, I found lots of other German goodies at Big Lots, including a lot of Bahlsen things, including marzipanstollen and many cookies and Lebkuchen with the dark chocolate...oh boy!!!

Samantha G said...

My husband and I went to see the memorial site in Hawaii. It was very, very sad and something I don't think I'll ever forget.

♥ Kathy said...

My family has been a military family for many generations. I wish we had no need for the military but am so grateful they are willing to risk their lives for our safety.

Renee said...

Enough with war, it has to end but never will.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Denise Marie said...

I didn't even realize it happened in Dec. what a terrible Christmas it was for them.